Fate & Free Will


It is not fate versus free will, rather fate and free will.

If God is infinite (no beginning, no end), then isn’t Infinity able to hold our fate and free will simultaneously?

We possess free will in the choices we make in each moment.

Each choice happens within our fate to return to the perfection of it all.

You are not necessarily faced with the right or wrong choice, but a choice on how you will return to your perfection.

Music Mantra:

Don't you see we got what no money could measure

And we could be free if we'd peep our hidden treasures

The Illusion of Division


The sun, the earth, the moon: one warms us, one sustains us, and the other stabilizes us. All three play a vital role and all three have inspired us; so what really makes them different but how we think about them? After all, they come from the same Infinite Source, just like us.

We live in a world where we have divided up Infinity and called each piece by different names, emphasizing the separation. This is an illusion. I just finished listening to “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself” by Michael A. Singer and among the many aha moments, what I came to realize is that if we are not our thoughts, but the observer of those thoughts (the Consciousness), then we can easily draw the conclusion that everyone has this observer residing behind their thoughts and that is what ultimately connects us. One step further and we can say there is just one ultimate observer, so the same observer that is in me, is observing in you, too. 

The illusion that keeps us thinking we are separate is our bodies and the distinct thoughts those bodies have. We are all usually operating and reacting from the thought created movie in our minds. The many movies that are playing in the multiverse right now add to the diversity of experiences that Consciousness can have. When we step back and remember we are watching the movie our minds made up, we reemerge into the pool of Consciousness that connects us all. This Consciousness is the Infinity that connects us and everything. 

So, why are there boundaries? Maybe God/Source/Consciousness is so Infinite it chose to play through a variety of illusions and from those differing illusions we add to the diversity of experiences that Consciousness can have. This is how God/Source/Consciousness keeps expanding. We can enjoy the “movie” much more if we step away from it from time to time. Most importantly, we can experience love for each other much more easily when we realize the watcher of my movie is also the watcher of your movie. Namaste!

Music Mantra:

Why are there boundaries?



In the past few months I recognized not feeling ready was slowing down a lot of my progress in my personal goals so I started to contemplate and meditate on the idea of

“starting before you’re ready”

It was a directive that I had heard many times before but actually tested out when I decided to do the Buti Yoga challenge the night before it started. Honestly, the biggest obstacle wasn’t necessarily posting or sharing my vulnerability, it was getting over myself and the idea that “this was not something I would normally do so I shouldn’t do it.” To do something in spite of that thought was transformative. I hadn’t noticed the invisible cage I had placed myself in until I stepped out of it.

By measuring every potential next step against what I had always done, I was bound to stop my evolution. 

I realize now that starting before you’re ready sets you up for success because it doesn’t give you enough time to build your cage beforehand. It throws you into what you already wanted to do anyway and allows you the space for on the job training (which we all know is really how most adulting happens). “Ready” mostly exists in the future anyway where it’s always just a little bit out of reach. So even if you reach the stage you had previously decided would indicate “ready” it morphs into another stage. Most importantly, it allows for co-creation with whatever Higher Power you believe in because you aren’t rigid in thinking how something should or shouldn’t go.

You allow space for miracles to happen.  

All this to say that it’s no coincidence that while I was blissed out in expressing in ways I hadn’t before, the Universe was setting me up for another chance to start something before I was ready: Mamihood. Yup, I got pregnant during the Buti Yoga challenge, a time in my life that I truly felt like I was healing something deep within me. I found out and got to tell my love that I had two hearts beating in me on Father’s Day 2018. In typical fashion, my first reaction was to ask “am I ready?” 

The Universe answered in many creative ways. First through the tarot card I pulled right after I took the pregnancy test that said “You are ready to bring something to light.” Then later, when telling my best friend about the news and wondering out loud again “am I ready?” Barbara Mason comes on in the restaurant to remind me:

“Yes, I’m ready… to learn.”


Music Mantra:

Yes, I'm ready to learn, to fall in love.




I’ve been riding a high for three weeks, happy in my own Buti Yoga bubble. But nowadays, it takes some serious effort to stay in a bubble for too long because there are so many issues that need our attention and action. And this is exactly what spurred my retreat from this blog about a year and a half ago. All the news that felt way more important than me and my tiny ass soap box. But what this Buti rEVOLUTION has taught me is that expressing authenticity is needed for healing. This is the devotion I am offering to myself, to remain vulnerable toward my healing, even when it feels like the world is ending. 

I haven’t been able to pin down my thoughts but I have become very familiar with this feeling. I feel confused…first because it is so easy to put myself in the shoes of the children being separated from their parents at the US border. My parents are from El Salvador. You know, the country that Trump seems to think only produces rapists, murderers and animals…. Oh a shit holes? (I can’t keep up.) Anyway, my warm, hard-working, humble parents came here with the hopes of a better future for the kids they did not have yet. But I can only imagine if I was already incarnated and the disgusting thought of going to a new country and being torn from Mami’s arms. No fucking words. And then I think about my privilege and how my parents’ decision to come here positioned me to even be able to revel in a bubble for three weeks. I am a college educated US citizen and the world is my oyster (or at least that’s what it feels like on most days). And at the same time I feel helpless when all that I seem to be doing lately is giving money and calling strangers on the phone. Yes, I know that is part of the action but what I really want to do is hold, rock and cry with the babies. 

Well, today, I am offering myself a miracle. Now that I have documented my feelings and I have moved my body to move the sadness (#internationalyogaday), and I have meditated on this (yep, in the middle of writing this post) I am realizing that in the end, this is moving all of us toward love. When was the last time I thought about the immigrant groups doing the hard work? When was the last time I donated to immigration lawyers? When was the last time I really got into touch with the sacrifices my parents have given? When was the last time we as a country banned together for the kids? Does humanity require tragedy to wake us up? I think at this point we still do. But we are getting better together and I am honored to be on this journey with you guys.

The miracles is always there if you bring the darkness to the light. This is my devotion. 

Music Mantra

Before I reach my high, my mind's eye has got to be free.

(actually, the whole album is my life mantra)



FREE the Muse & FRIDA Nipple

Ever had the best idea ever, not followed through and then see someone do the same thing you had thought of? I believe this is because our ideas are not our ideas. Ideas are ideas and the Muse will find an available open vessel that will bring forth her vision. As the vessel, you will naturally add your own spice during the manifestation, and that’s why she comes to you. But as Danielle LaPorte pointed out in her post “How to Kiss Up to Your Muse”, you have to do right by her to encourage her to keep visiting. Be ready, listen when she comes and follow through. 

This wasn’t as hard when I was a kid. I knew I was an artist. But as my ego got stronger and my sensitivity heightened, I gradually began to shut down my creative side. The Intellectual took over and I started to see ideas the Muse would give me as my ideas that I needed to be protective of. Creating meant opening myself up to criticism and like Badu, I’m sensitive about my shit. Starting isn’t necessarily the hard part for me, it’s the following through part that I’ve struggled with creatively. I’m the first to admit that I’ve left many inspirations in the land of unfinished ideas, half-way manifested. 

“Frida Nipple” was one of those ideas. The Muse visited on February 6, 2015 as an Instagram post for @ArithmaChic. She nudged me that this wasn’t something that was meant to be left in the digital world. Since ArithmaChic was a clothing line, I thought it was meant to be made into a t-shirt. But during this time I was coming into my own as a creative and also coming out of the spiritual closet. The Muse was encouraging me to stop hiding and start creating under my own name so I can have full control and freedom. But as appealing as that felt, it was also fucking scary to me. 

Hesitantly and eventually I did start the blog but I kept making excuses to delay the full manifestation of Frida Nipple. But as I’ve learned, the Muse doesn’t operate on your or my timeline. There are now a few “Frida Nipple” products out there, all spiced up differently. And today, as I crawl through the finish line of this project, the Rosie Pi version is finally here. The Muse was waiting for me with a smirk on her face. She’s proud that I’ve learned the lesson, even if it was the hard way. She’s not finished with me yet, so I plan to stock my online art studio with her ideas this coming year, now under Rosie Pi. 

To my fellow shy creatives, learn from my journey. As sensitive about “our” shit as we are, remember that the Muse wants to create with us. Don’t judge her ideas. Don’t hoard her ideas. Be the creative vessel she knows you are and wants you to be and let her ideas flow through you. The more we do it, the easier it will become. What ideas have you been holding onto? Don’t force the Muse to find another vessel. Honor her and create! — and with all that said, visit my new online art studio to order a pin for you and a fellow Frida-loving, nipple-freeing friend.

And while allllll this is true and I'm learning the lesson of following through, my Higher Self reminds me that the wait was not in vain and that everything happens according to divine timing. The fact that I am releasing this pin on 12/12 at 12:12pm of such a crazy year - I had to look up what that meant in angel numbers. This is what I found

Angel Number 1212 is a powerful sign that you are to step out of your comfort zone and take new directions and/or begin new projects and ventures that you have been wanting to do for a long time now.

How's that for synchronicity? 

The Universe Voted for Us

Rosie Pi - Post Election Feels.PNG

Coming out of the fog of the election and these are my feelings…

From our perspective, this is sooo backwards… but from many others’ perspective, this is exactly what America needed. 

How do we make sense of this split?

We are ALL coming from our own perceptions based on the body we were born into, the experiences we’ve had, our education, the people we know and love, etc. Those perceptions influence our sense of what is right and wrong and what’s important or not, in the physical world. 

We have to step out of our perception to understand what's happening.

Not everyone can do that right now but for those of us that have been touched by the Truth, that we are One, we must start acting and living according to that Truth. Even more now.

You know who you are if you hear the call. We aren't going to be perfect but we are being asked to strive to be better than we’ve been before. 

And think about it… if Clinton would’ve won, we might’ve all been temporarily relieved just a teeny tiny bit but there'd STILL be work left to do that can only happen through the people. She was not meant to rescue us. If anything, Trump is motivating us to move. And so spiritually, I thank Clinton and Trump for their role in this incarnation.

I’d also like to point out, especially to all my sisters, that although many of us thought the rise of the feminine was going to be marked by a female president, it’s being delivered to us in a way that we didn’t expect. In my humble opinion, the role to usher in the Feminine is OURS to step into. 

The Universe voted and it is US who got elected on Tuesday.

The Feminine must no longer adapt to the Masculine. Trying to create change through the same system and playing by the same rules won’t get us far. This election has disrupted our realities and now we must redirect to a new, feminine way of co-operating with all living beings. Let's do it in our OWN way…

By remembering WHO WE ARE.

By acknowledging and accepting present moment.

By cultivating love that doesn’t stop with disagreement.

By listening both to our own higher guidance and the “other”.

By acting from a space of connection with the Earth and each other.

I am letting myself be transformed by the pain, compassion, confusion, and love with the knowing that so many of you are too. We are already transforming the world in a different, subtle and powerful way.

I love you… I really do. 

Music Mantra:

I was reborn, when I was broken. 

The Seeds: A Short Story on Enjoying Your “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing with my life” phase

You arrive home one day and realize someone has left 5 individual envelopes of seeds at your door. Each one is labeled “Love”, “Peace”, “Abundance”, “Freedom” and “Joy” but there isn’t a picture on any of them. You take one envelope and read the back… 

Plant these seeds today. Water them everyday. They are guaranteed to grow, but you won’t be able to see them sprout until you start believing. TIP: You can speed up the process by enjoying watering them everyday (the seeds will know). Oh, and Miracle Grow will kill them so don’t try that. ;) 

You look around, trying to see if anyone is messing with you. You have to admit, you’re super intrigued by the mystery of it all and decide to give it a shot. Not wasting any time getting your hands on a shovel, you start digging with you bare hands. The moist soil feels cool to your warm hands and you get a rush of energy, thinking of what each package can potentially grow into and wondering what they'll look like! 


A thought flashes through your head at that exact moment and you realize that not having a picture on the package of seeds was intentional.

It doesn't matter what they'll look like, as long as I get to grow love, peace, abundance, freedom and joy. That is #goals.

You decide to take advantage of this unusual joy radiating out of you and water your seeds for the first time. You know your baby seeds are growing. 



A few weeks pass, and although you started to see some baby sprouts poking out of the soil, you are getting impatient with the pace. You admit to yourself that there were some days you definitely were not enjoying the watering part and even some days you completely forgot.


Your mind continues to wander as you stare at the baby sprouts…

This does NOT look like abundance. Shouldn’t it have more leaves on it? Shouldn’t it be bigger by now?

You realize this is making the sprouts shrink into the ground. 

Oh shit!

You stop the train of thought and go inside to distract yourself. 



A few days pass and you’ve meditated and re-centered yourself. You feel good and decide to read the instructions again. “They are guaranteed to grow” you read again and again, thinking it's a bold statement to make about everything you desire. It's hard to believe that you can easily grow things you see most people are lacking. Why would you or these seeds be any different? Then you realize it's more simple than you think... 

Of course! If I water something everyday, how could it not grow?? Duh!

All of a sudden, the excitement comes back and you get back on your daily watering schedule. 

To be continued….

(Actually not, really)

Here’s the spoiler:

The seeds grew. They grew into creations bigger, more vibrant, and more alive than anything you could've imagined.

They brought more than enough love, peace, freedom, abundance and joy, not only for you, but enough to share with the people you love and even people you don't even know.

You later learned you've had those seeds since before you were born... you just happened to notice them that magical day at your door. 

Moral(s) of the Story:

  • You will grow what you water; so water what you love, not what you fear. 
  • Embrace that whatever "it" is will look different (and probably better) than you imagined.
  • And lastly, don’t let your impatience with the tiny sprout phase stop you from watering everything you wish for yourself and those you love.

Music Mantra:

I've poured my faith on it. 





Glow Natural: The Easy Way to Improve Your Health

Natural Girl Clean Beauty

Aren’t you tired of seeing health as this thing to conquer? It seems to be something out there that you might eventually reach (but there are no guarantees!) Sure, there are plenty of resources to help guide us on what we could be eating and how we could be moving to optimize our health. The problem isn’t that we don’t know… and if we don’t, it’s really only a Google search away. 

Sometimes the problem comes when we’re trying to change things up in our life. We hit that resistance. We get used to and almost even hypnotized into staying in our comfort zone. It doesn’t matter what they promise we’ll feel like on the other side, change is uncomfortable. That’s why we can do something for a certain period of time (like getting up early to exercise and eat breakfast) and then we sleep in one day and it throws off our momentum… just me?!

In any area of change, we tend to come up with mental barriers to implementing a new idea right away and store it in our brain for “future implementation.”

But what if there’s something super easy and affordable that we can do that that’ll positively affect our health in the long run? Something that we didn’t have to necessarily do everyday but that would reduce our body’s exposure to toxins and create a healthier environment in our body?

It sounds like this something is a load of bs but I promise you it’s not. 

I realized that by replacing just ONE item in my bathroom with a toxin-free version (or at least moving in that direction) as it ran out, I could slowly replace all my beauty products with more natural versions and do it in a way that wouldn’t require a large investment. (p.s. this also can apply to your cleaning products.) And think about it, it’s as simple as purchasing something different. You don’t have to wake up earlier, sweat or even do anything physical to make this change on the daily. Once you make that one purchase, you are no longer getting those toxins in your body. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest things we can do for our health. 

A good place to start is to run your current products under the EWG - Environmental Working Group Skin Deep rating database. Although there are some critiques on the rating system, it’s a great resource especially if all of this is pretty new to you. Just remember we are aiming for an improvement, not perfection. Your first purchases may not be 100% pure but they will probably be a lot better than the sodium lauryl sulfate mess you’ve been dousing yourself in. A score of 0-2 is ideal. If your product doesn’t pass the test, start the search for something better. Read the reviews and go with something you’re excited to try. 

Remember, there is a better and simpler version for everything.

Sometimes you’ll find some products that don’t work as well as its chemical counterpart but you can always:

1- realize it’s still better than using chemicals

2 - try something else

3 - keep it as a back up when you run out of your main stuff (see #2) 

DISCLAIMER: For any of this to work as easily as I’m describing, you’ll have to be open-minded and excited to experiment until you find the perfect match. But once you do, you have something that is healthy and natural and toxin free and nourishing to your body. And if money is the issue, you get to make stuff at home with all the recipes you can find on Pinterest. Save all your glass containers and use them to put your new concoctions in. If you do it one product at a time, you won’t be overwhelmed and you’ll see that many recipes use the same basic ingredients so it may get cheaper and cheaper to make that transition to less toxic cosmetic, body and cleaning products.

We aren’t ever going to be toxin free because there is so much shit floating around so the aim is to reduce it, not eliminate it. Ask yourself what you can control and focus on that. In this case, we can control what we purchase and therefore put on our skin everyday. If this approach can make you feel that health is attainable without all the sacrifice and effort that we’re used to, you’ll start seeing changes in other aspects of your health. You’ll activate being in the flow and on the path of least resistance where you make yourself available to many more benefits. Allow something this easy to be transformational and seep into the other aspects of your health. 

Music Mantra:

Mellow yellow lemon, I'm glowed up. 


Bring Your Dreams Down to Earth

Down to Earth by Rosie Pi

Why aren't most of us living our dreams? It is unrealistic to think our visions are within reach? Depending on your TRUE answer (your first gut reaction), you'll be able to predict for yourself whether you reach them or not. A half-believed vision can be a death sentence for that vision because our day to day lives are a matter of prioritization. Your top priority gets the most consistent attention while lower priorities get your attention from time to time. For most of us, a paycheck = survival so it's not uncommon to think of our jobs are our top priorities, after our friends and family. This works for a lot of people but not all of us, especially fellow dream chasers that don't find themselves fulfilled in a traditional career path. 

The gap between our current realities and our vision often seems sooo wide it paralyzes us. Time passes us by, our jobs start consuming us, family and friends need our time and gradually you (along with your vision) are pushed down to the bottom. BUT what if we really believed that whatever that vision is, it was placed inside us for a reason by our Creator, for an important and specific reason, at this time, on this planet? Would it move up on your ladder of priorities? This is merely a decision, a decision you can literally make right now or gradually over the next few months. Just like I've decided many things in my lifetime, I'm deciding my vision is a priority. This is what claiming your vision requires: a decision and a belief in that decision. 

After you've claimed it, you need to bring your vision from your inner space and beam it down to earth (aka make it "real"). This sends a signal to the Universe that you mean business and you're ready for your next direction. Here are the 5 steps I'm currently taking: 

1. Talk Numbers

I put it first because it is my least favorite and least intuitive step. If you have your head in the clouds most of the time then your vision may need some grounding energy like mine did. For me, continuing to build this digital platform in order to share my insights and aha moments on this spiritual and creative journey is the broad vision. At the moment, the quantifiable steps are X amount of blog posts a quarter, X amount of social media posts a week, X amount of outreach to online magazines, etc. Pretty much, I looked at what I did last year and upped the ante a bit. 

Action: Take the part of the vision you currently have (since our Creator tends to reveal in bits and pieces as to not overwhelm us) and work backwards by breaking it down into smaller quantifiable goals. As you get more ideas, break those down too as much as you can. 

2. Track Your Progress

At school you have a teacher, at work you have a boss, but when you’re following a vision you have to do the tracking. Sure, your life will reflect it in some shape or form, but we tend to be so in it that it’s hard to tell that you're making moves. When you’re working out, before and after pictures are important because we get used to our own bodies. The same is true for our dreams. I know I feel everything’s the same ole’ same ole’ until I really start to analyze all the tiny victories. This isn’t something I have been good at but just realized it’s important to keep the enthusiasm and motivation.

Action: write down where you're at now. Do this quarterly. Compare. You can start by using the quantifiable goals in step 1 and recording where you’re at it currently. Revisit at the end of December. 

3. Clock Into Your Dream

If you're like me, your pour yourself into other people's visions because you believe in them. It's sometimes easier to believe other people's visions because you're not in their head hearing the insecurities and negative self talk you may have around your own vision. Self doubt slows down our progress. We procrastinate either out of fear, because it “don't pay the bills” (yet), or a bunch of other excuses. That's where the Hours Keeper app, or something like it, comes in handy.

Action: download the app. Make yourself your own client. Clock in once a day (even if for 5, 10, 15 mins). That shit adds up. You’ll be able to actually see how much time you're spending on making your dream a reality on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

4. Recruit an Accountability Partner

I’ve been trying to unlearn my “good student” training for some years now but I can’t deny I like affirmations when I’m doing good and feel more motivated not to slack off when I have someone to “answer to”. This is especially important when you’re starting something solo and have no immediate consequences for not doing what you planned to do. Eventually my own self satisfaction will suffice but until I get there, this is what has been helping me recently.

Action: pick someone you know that will take your progress seriously and share your vision and quantifiable goals with them. How frequently you meet will be decided by whatever works for the both of you but I think at least quarterly is important. If you can, find a friend that’s also following a vision and be accountable to each other. This motivates the other person to stay on top of you because they want the same from you. Win-win.

5. Tell People (the ones you trust)

Your vision is your baby to love and to protect so when you first start you probably just want to tell the people you know will add flame to the baby fire. My semi-openness is a result of the gradual clarity I’ve received around the vision. After I truly claimed it I began been telling more and more people because that makes it more “real” (with a lower case r) to me. The more I talk about it the more I believe it. And now, I not only have one accountability partner, but several mini partners on this journey. You may not know this but you are my partner on this journey now just by reading a few words. :)

Action: none needed if you’re not ready just yet. But when you are, keep in mind you can email me. I'm really good at adding flame to baby fires. 

Music Mantra:

Look in the mirror and know I'm there, with my hands in the air, I'm proud to say, yea I'm real, I'm real, I'm really really real.

See vs Seek: An Abundance AHA Moment

Rosie Pi - See vs Seek Abundance.jpg

How many of us are trying to “manifest abundance”? 


We must stop. When we seek it, we’re automatically telling ourselves that we don’t have it - because why else would we seek it? And when we’re constantly in seek mode, even if something did show up we wouldn’t be able to see it. We’ve got the blinders on. 


Instead, we must SEE the abundance already in our life. It may not be in the form of green paper but examine what you’ve experienced that money couldn’t buy, like that great idea you’ve yet to execute or the AMAZING people in your life. We already have abundance and the tools to receive more, we’re just not seeing it. 


Like attracts like. The more you don’t think you have, the more you don’t (think you) have. The more you think you have, the more you (think you) have. And isn’t this whole life thing highly influenced by, if not completely ruled by, how we view our world? 


Stuck? Start with this thought: from the simple fact that you’re reading this, you have access to a computer or a smart phone. Most of the world would tell you you’re fucking rich.  Embrace it, be grateful and watch how abundant you feel.


Music Mantra:

Ain't none of this shit promised.

(enjoy your abundance now) 

Love is God

A thought break

Think about those precious, precious people in your life. Imagine their faces. Feel their energy. Tap into the overflow you feel coming from your heart for these beautiful beings. They are your portal. Now gently travel through it to focus purely on the love emanating from you. Take your time...... soak it in...... and once you feel it's infinite nature, bow to what's inside you. Love is our deepest source. It's Who we are. What we are. Where we are. When we are. Why we are. 

Love is God. 

Music Mantra:

Head up high, I look to the light. 

Drink the Lemonade

Rosie Pi - Spiritual meaning of Lemonade

All the feels were felt on Saturday night when I watched Beyonce’s Lemonade premiere on HBO. 

There are so many layers to this visual album, I could’ve written a dissertation on it… from its genre transcending sound, to its championing of Black Feminism, to its representation of the Black Lives Matter movement, to its odes to Yoruba traditions, to its feature of Warsan Shire’s word artistry, to its honest addressing of infidelity, and much more… I wouldn’t know where to start. 

But what I’m most inspired to share is my spiritual interpretation of the emotional stages presented in this piece of art by Beyonce.

On the album we go on a journey through the (apparent) relationship of Bey and Jay, but really, so (so) many relationships. It starts with intuition… 


Featuring “Pray You Catch Me”

Rosie Pi - Pray You Catch Me / Lemonade

The power of communication lies in vulnerability.

This whole album is Beyonce's personal demonstration of the power of vulnerability, starting from this track through the last. Through her art she has communicated a perspective that has reached many hearts. In this opening song we hear one of the underlying themes of the album that demonstrates the Divine Feminine's desire to heal the Wounded Masculine through communication. True communication requires vulnerability so that the other person can share in your perspective. When this vulnerability isn't being offered to your love, it starts to suck the life out of the relationship. Not knowing what's going on in your partner's inner world makes you feel uneasy and shut out and they feel the same when you shut down. We feel the desire she has to connect to someone that is physically close but mentally somewhere far away.


Featuring “Hold Up”

Rosie Pi - Hold Up / Lemonade

Relationships are "hospitals for the soul."

Channeling the spirit of Oshun, Beyonce brings a gush of water and destroys anything in her path, with some amused onlookers cheering her on. She is frustrated with feeling the worst pain from the one who is supposed to love her the most. Relationships being the hospitals of the soul is an idea Marianne Williamson first introduced me to about why we treat the ones we love the most, the worst. It is because we've forgotten the purpose of the relationship. Relationships are the mechanism in which we reach our Highest Potential. They are made to be the place where all our shit comes out. Our triggers that were created in our childhood are supposed to be provoked by our soulmates so that we can be aware of them and purify ourselves of them. But since most of us aren't enlightened yet, we start to see our trigger-provoker as the enemy instead of our greatest teacher. Although this does not justify cheating, it does point to why so many relationships face this betrayal. If we are looking to our partners to fill a void and all that partner is doing is making you more aware of that void, you may start seeing it as a failing relationship rather than recognizing that it's doing exactly what it's supposed to for the benefit of all. 


Featuring “Don’t Hurt Yourself” 

Rosie Pi - Don't Hurt Yourself / Lemonade

Nothing ever leaves its source. 

My ego loved this badass line but at the same time my higher self recognized that there was a deeper spiritual interpretation at play here. A Course in Miracles (ACIM) states that that any energy that we put "out there" stays with us, the creator of the energy. We feel the energy longer and stronger than whoever we intended it for. So even though we may feel justified in our desire to hurt others the way we’ve been hurt by them, this would be perpetuating the cycle of hurt. The remedy? Self love. Once you stop looking at your partner as the person that's supposed to love you hard enough to make you love yourself, you make room for recognizing that you are Love because our creator is Love. As the Universe would so perfectly coordinate it, when Beyonce sangs "when you love me, you love God herself", it divinely demonstrates our intimate relationship with our Source. Just like the energy we create doesn't leave us, we, as creations of Love, don't leave our Source either. Once this sinks in deep enough, self love is a given.



Rosei Pi - Sorry / Lemonade

Family and friends are angels. 

As Beyonce's signature "girl power anthem" of the album played, my heart still racing from the shock of how personal the album was so far (and continued to be), I was reminded that having family and friends that have your back no matter what is sometimes the closest thing to unconditional love that we will get to experience - and how lucky if we do get to experience that kind of love. When we are heartbroken we need to lean on our family and friends to lessen the energetic burden. They remind you that you are powerful and amazing, with or without him or her. To see yourself through their loving eyes is a very healing part of the journey. And what they will remind you is that part of that healing sometimes requires that we step away from the relationship (boy bye) in order to gain clarity to decide if you want to keep it that way... or not (boy hi). Additionally the visuals to this song show a bus ride that can be seen as a symbol for the transformation we go through after life's heartbreak, along with the angels assist us in getting there. 


Featuring “6 Inch”

Rosie Pi - 6 inch / Lemonade

You have free will but you are here to reach Enlightenment. 

This bump-in-the-club track's stand-out line came in the last two words… “come back.” Don't get me wrong, Weeknd + Yonce make some of the best ear candy but what stood out to me the most was that regardless of the grind she loves and all the money that goes along with it, in the end she remains energetically tied to her husband because the lesson remains unrecognized. Because we have free will have the freedom to make any choice but our life lessons will remain in the background and will not go away until we acknowledge them and give them our time and attention. When distractions run out we're pulled back to "do the work" because there is something yet to be healed. And if you don't learn and heal with this partner, you will see the same patterns in the next where we get another opportunity to reach Enlightenment. 


Featuring “Daddy Lessons” 

Rosie Pi - Daddy Lessons / Lemonade

Heal the root to save the branch. 

In a bittersweet track, Beyonce sings about all her dad did in order to toughen her up while growing up but also highlights his inability to save her from men like himself. He warned her not through his words, but most likely through his actions. We are drawn to the conclusion that she married a man with the same shortcomings as her father. Once she sees this connection she becomes empowered to save her marriage by getting to the root of the problem. Recognizing the aspects of our childhood that we need to heal is the most efficient way to grow. Instead of focusing on the symptoms of the problem, we go directly to the root that's causing all the pain. As discussed in Denial, our childhood will most like resurface with any relationship issues because that's where they're supposed to be safe to come up. Don't judge them, just love them. (Talk to them with the same love Blue talks to B at the end :) )


Featuring “Love Drought”

Rosie Pi - Love Drought / Lemonade

"Remove the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence." - ACIM

The storm has passed, Bey has been baptized and is seeing her world through new eyes. Compassion enters the picture after she sees her wounds and subsequently his wounds. They are in tune with the purpose of the relationship and recognize that they have the power to lift the blocks and stop the drought. The blocks they had to love have washed away with her tears (and Oshun's powerful waters). As they come back together after this healing the relationship is more powerful. They can move mountains with their love now that it's not diluted with fear. We often get caught up in seeking love outside of ourselves, basing this search on the false illusion that we must find love. The Reality is that Love is always there and if we dont feel it it's because we're failing to tune into it.  


Featuring “Sand Castles”

Rosie Pi - Sand Castles / Lemonade

When life give you lemons, forgiveness is the lemonade. 

I think this is the most important lesson of the album. It almost feels like the internet stopped listening to the album early and missed this entire part. This song circles back to the theme of the Divine Feminine healing through witnessing and loving the wounds of her love. The Divine Feminine is able to perform alchemy on pain through forgiveness. What does forgiveness look like? Is it an instant sweep of love that helps you forget the past? Is it a green light to being walked all over again? For anyone that has ever forgiven or tried to forgive, we know that it does not happen overnight but that it’s a moment to moment practice. Recommitting to forgiveness is the essence of forgiveness and it’s the only path to eventually experiencing that sweep of love where the pain turns to joy. 


Featuring “Forward” 

Rosie Pi - Forward / Lemonade

For a better future, live in the present.

This short but sweet James Blake-assisted track says it all in the first word: Forward. Rehashing any transgressions over and over (and over) again keeps you from moving forward. Forgiveness can only happen in the present moment when we’re not reviving our hurts. It may seem like we need to keep reviving so that it won't happen again but we overlook the fact that reviving the pain keeps us in it. Going forward requires approaching a relationship in a different way from the way its been approached. 


Featuring “Freedom”

Rosie Pi - Freedom / Lemonade

We are infinite. 

Queen B and King Kendrick bring us the hope of liberation both from global and personal chains in this powerful track. The tone? Imma keep fighting for myself, my marriage and the Black community. There's a lot to be said for perseverance while living on this planet. Things don't always feel fair here. The trick is to witness the pain or injustice through the eyes of our infinite nature. This guarantees that we'll be operating from a higher love-based perspective where new possibilities show up that we couldn't imagine from a lower, fear-based perspective.


Featuring “All Night”

Rosie Pi - All Night / Lemonade

Only Love is Real. Nothing Real can be threatened. 

Bey's love for Jay is healing. She has seen him at his worst and her love has become their unshakable foundation. This love runs deep because this love is the same love we receive from God herself. ACIM says that knowing WHO you are is your power. WHO you are means knowing your Source. When you are operating from the knowingness that we are connected to Pure Love we embody it and bring it into our relationships. Miracles can't help but happen when we're in that space.  There is no room for fear and from this perspective only does our love become unconditional. And what we give is what we experience.

Lemonade goes beyond the cheater - victim dichotomy to demonstrate the subtleties, nuances, rollercoaster of emotions and, ultimately, beauty of relationships.

I've been drinking my daily lemon water for it's healing benefits. This album feels just as healing for many of us who have feared or experienced a form of betrayal. Through her vulnerability we have witnessed Beyonce perform alchemy on her pain, knowing we can do the same.

Drink the lemonade, it's good for you.

P.S. We’re missing the entire point when we harass Rachel Roy, btw. 

Don't Save the Earth, Save Yourself

And the Earth will follow.

While you should totally do all you can to “save the Earth” — which is just the human way of saying “save ourselves from becoming extinct from the Earth” — I think we’re missing an important element when it comes to all our well-intentioned choices to recycle, reduce our energy consumption, go vegan, etc. 

Astronauts, in fact, are some of the very few people that truly understand what the rest of us are missing: a different perspective referred to as the overview effect

The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts and cosmonauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from orbit or from the lunar surface. - Wiki (wiki)

Once they’ve seen our planet from afar, astronauts report gaining a deeper understanding that we’re all in this together.

Our separation from each other, made so clear to us by distance, is laughable when you see our Earth from this perspective. Imaginary borders and imaginary differences all become obvious as imagined. Instead of wasting and dividing our efforts by fighting each other for more resources and power, we should be merging our energy to preserve as much life (animal, plant, human… LIFE) on Earth as we possibly can.

Spirituality tells us we're all ONE but astronauts have actually seen for themselves that is the Truth.

When astronauts first went into space they had no idea that one of the most impactful things they would get to experience would be seeing our own planet in a whole new perspective. The first Earth "selfie" shifted the way we saw ourselves. We were collectively so obsessed with what was out there that we overlooked what's right here. We do this all the time on a mirco level in our own lives. And what the Overview Effect reminds me to do is to start with myself on Earth Day. How do I pollute my mind with thoughts of separations or negativity? How do I pollute my body? How do I treat my corner of the world? As my favorite cliche says, be the change.

Recycling or any other "green" action becomes a part of who you are when you are in tune with the Overview Effect because you know that all you do not only affects you, but everyone else. And it also offers us the perfect place to start with any of these changes.... with you. 

You are your own mini Earth. "Save" yourself and you save us all. 

Gratitude is Not What You Think


It's What You Feel...

I had a pretty consistent gratitude journal for about 2 years. Today I stored it away with my other past journals, ready to be cracked open and devoured like my favorite book when I’m about 80. There were plenty of blank pages left to be grateful but here’s a shortened version of why I’m letting the practice go for now…

When I first started I wanted to fill it from cover to cover with the sweetness of my life.

I would open it up, think about what good things had happened TO me that day or how I blessed I was for xyz in my life and would write it down. (Yay life!)

Then slowly it started to shift into writing down the insights I was having during the day, thanking the Universe for sending me these intuitive gifts. (Good things happening IN me… even better!)

Eventually I started incorporating the events that weren’t happy and good, knowing that as a spiritual student I should be grateful for all growth. I would think to myself, be thankful you’re growing. (Yay life?)

And when I would forget to write in it a day or two, my slightly obsessive self would go back and fill in what I think I was grateful for three days ago… just to keep it consistent, ya know? (Btw, I try not to call myself OCD after that GIRLS episode - it ain’t no joke.) 

Yup, it was like that and even though I believed I was doing all I could to practice gratitude, I was missing the core of it. 

The main problem was that my head was doing most of the journaling.

Sure, once I started to write it sparked feelings and flutters and silent thank YOU’s, but my approach left my heart on the sideline for the most part. 

It was a good start but now I’ve sunken into a deeper understanding of gratitude, maybe one that I won't completely be able to communicate just yet but one that I feel pulled to express to you.  

Gratitude isn’t something that you can think your way into or even put into words sometimes.

What I have come to understand is that gratitude is allowing yourself to feel life with a knowingness that you are love so that all is well no matter what it looks like (pause and let that sink in). 

It is a formless energy that brings you awareness of the gifts that are right in front of you at all times. When we are fully loving, without the walls, we are being grateful. Gratitude is being awe-struck by life. It’s being truly happy that you exist.

The trust that you are Always - that you have no end.

When we simultaneously feel a deep inner “thaaaaank you” and “you’re so so welcome”, we are at the peak of gratitude, knowing that all we receive is what we can give and all we give is what we can receive. 

This is the stuff of miracles. This is where divine magic happens. Let’s live life in the beautiful energy that is gratitude. Let gratitude be how we perceive life.

May these words skip their trip to your brain and go straight to your heart…

***The fine print here is that you have to feel it in the present moment because, unlike the brain, that’s the only place your heart can be. When I was journaling I was trying to tap into the feeling after the fact through my brain but it is much more effective and efficient to let your heart feel it while it is happening. 

Music Mantra:

What it all comes down to is that 

everything's gonna be fine fine fine.






One Habit At A Time

Just me channeling  Julieta Venegas' Limón y Sal  cover.  :)

Just me channeling Julieta Venegas' Limón y Sal cover.  :)

This is the short version of my story around health and food…does it sound familiar to you? 

My thinking is very black and white so when I’m healthy, I become obsessed with being perfectly healthy and when I get tired of all the effort that it takes (mostly the internal struggle in my head), I go back to eating all the things I know I shouldn’t. I’ve been doing this almost my entire adult life and have been searching for a way to let go of my habit of being extreme. 

I can analyze my story to death, tell myself that eating fruits and veggies is like eating sunshine (actually, I LOVE that idea), and watch as many Netflix food documentaries as I can (I highly recommend Cowspiracy) but what is going to make all the healthy habits stick and release me from feeling overwhelmed by them?

Enter my latest aha moment… the “one habit at a time” approach. 

Habits… you know those things you find yourself doing without thinking? Usually we focus on our bad habits and try to will power them away. That usually doesn’t work for me so instead, I’m focusing only on cultivating good habits… and only one at a time. 

Ultimately, I want a healthy lifestyle to be second nature to me. I want being healthy to be effortless!!!!! I figure if I take the time to cultivate one good habit and not worry about anything else until it truly becomes a habit, I’ll be changing my entire life… one habit at a time. I don’t care if something takes me 21 days or 2 years, I bet I’ll make more progress than I have when I try to change my entire lifestyle from one day to the next. 

The first habit I’m tackling starts with drinking 24 oz. of water with juice from 1 whole lemon everyday. Lemon water helps us in so many ways (look it up) and, for me, it was one of the easiest habits I could start with since I LOVE lemons. Growing up I ate a lot of my fruits and veggies with limón y sal. I sometimes even eat whole lemons like an orange.

Pretty much, I chose the habit I had the least resistance to.

I’ve noticed that drinking lemon water has helped me reduce my cravings for coffee in the morning. Also, since I have an abundance of lemons at home for my new soon-to-be-habit, I decided to experiment with some advice I’ve been hearing from my mom since I was a kid….using lemon as deodorant! 

After preparing my lemon water, I use one of the remaining halves as my deodorant since it has just enough juice left. It dries a little sticky on my skin so then I rub some coconut oil on top. It’s been working better than my other natural deodorant (although, it’s yet to be tested during the summer). I smell amazing and feel so fuckin’ resourceful and green. 


My focus remains on the habit of drinking lemon water everyday but I love the fact that it’s also helping me remain toxin free under my arms aaaand has been motivating me to make small healthy choices. I have a feeling this will be a trend with my #onehabitaday journey. The more good habits I cultivate, the less room for the bad habits. But I’m not too focused on any of that right now. I’m just happy that I have to pee all the time now because I’m becoming a lemon water drinking machine. 

If you like this #onehabitatatime idea, I suggest you join me and start with finding that one least resistant healthy habit to adopt and keep your focus there. Notice where this one good habit takes you and the domino effect it has on other areas of your life. Once you feel like this has become something you don’t have to think about anymore, move onto to habit number 2. This is the equivalent of starting with 5 minutes of meditation and working your way up. Baby steps, baby. Let’s do thisssss. 

P.S. If you decide to join me please share in the comments below or email me. I would love for us to help each other live a healthy life one habit at a time.

Music Mantra:

Yo te quiero con limón y sal, yo te quiero tal y como estas

No se falta cambiarte nada

Translation: I love you just as you are, you don't have to change a thing.

This is especially important when making improvements in our lives. You gotta love yourself first.

Heaven on Earth

I experienced heaven the other day and I didn't have to die. 

I was walking to get breakfast thinking that 1 - I should’ve worn a bra 2 - I hope no creepy guys are looking at me 3 - maybe I should’ve drove — a “shhh” interrupted my stream of thoughts. I literally shush myself when I realize I need to think other thoughts because the current ones aren’t helping. My thoughts were starting to bring up the anxiety I get with creepy unwanted attention and I knew I had to shift in order to enjoy this walk. 

As soon as I decided to, I experienced a miracle.

A miracle, as A Course in Miracles teaches, is a shift in perspective from fear to love. All of a sudden I realized that I was a part of the hustle and bustle of the city and not separate from it - and certainly not the center of attention. It’s not Rosie walking down the street (hesitantly) freeing the nipple while the rest of the world was there to creep her out, it’s LIFE expressing itself as Rosie, as the two amigas walking ahead laughing at an inside joke, as the guy stepping on his breaks so we can cross the street. I became aware of being in the city on that particular day, in that particular moment and how we were all heading somewhere and all playing our part in this world. I then became aware of the trees that were a part of this collective and the shade that they were providing. Pretty much, I realized we are all one. ONE. The peak of this idea lasted half a second but it was enough to leave me with this insight…

Through our thoughts we can access heaven.

This realization of our onenesss is the realization of heaven. Growing up I thought heaven was “up there” somewhere, but if God/Love is infinite then actually heaven is everywhere you are because there is no place where infinity is not. It’s right here, right now, all the damn time. The only difference is that we’re in a body and we tend to pay more attention to the physical realm than the realm of Love, where all is well exactly as it is. But on that day, crossing the street, I realized this is heaven and I can access it at anytime - I just have look for the connection and wholeness of a moment. The realization that regardless of creepy guys or not, I’m NOT the center of attention like my ego likes to believe, is so comforting to an introvert like me. Oneness consciousness helps you feel connection and love for the collective rather than limit it to the people you happen to know (and like). You, reading this. You are me. I am you. Our source is the same. I guess we just got a whole bunch of bodies in order to get shit done on this floating thing we call earth. 

Heaven is here. It’s all love, all the time. We just have to know that and then act from that space in order to experience it while we’re still in these bodies. How amazing is that?

“Rather than finding heaven on Earth, we are asked to release heaven on Earth by living” - Mark Nepo

The World is Your Shiny Disco Ball

Disco Globe by Rosie Pi

Not only does my inner dancing queen love the thought of a disco ball floating up in space but it illustrates how power-FULL our connection to the world really is.  

We live in a world that mirrors back to us what we think and believe. Just like a disco ball will reflect whatever light is projected onto it, so will our lives. 

We tend to forget this and think that the world out there is completely separate from us and that we have no control over it but A Course in Miracles reminds us that:

Our thoughts are the cause and the world we see is the effect.

Our mind’s filter is more powerful than your favorite IG filter. We get to choose the one that makes our lives feel empowering and loving and we get to reinterpret something “bad” as something that’s pushing us toward growth.

Whatever you keep reinforcing is what you'll keep experiencing. We then accumulate physical evidence that our beliefs are true. So our true power lies in perspective (really, it's ALL perspective).

I’m still learning and know I don’t have all the answers but if I can interpret a situation in a more empowering light, why the hell wouldn’t I?

Who’s world is this? The world is yours. It really is… At least your world, so shine bright sisters, because what good is a disco ball with no shine?

Music Mantra:

You're a shining star

No matter who you are

Shining bright to see

What you could truly be

I Love Lamp

I love lamp FINAL.gif

"God's love is the electricity but we must be the lamps. The only love that saves is the love that is applied." - Marianne Williamson

We often get caught up in our egos thinking that it’s us that has to find out how to chase our dreams and change the world (at the same damn time). We have to come up with a detailed plan for our lives and follow it thoroughly because that’s what responsible adults do, right? Well, this is what A Course in Miracles calls arrogance.

What is true humility then? Trusting in a higher power to lead us there instead. Our jobs are to be open vessels so that love’s energy can course through us. This is what meditation and living in the present moment helps us do. When I start getting anxious that I don’t have my life figured out, I remind myself that I am the lamp and my job is to allow God’s loving energy to move through me. I have a voice to speak Love’s message and hands to do Love’s work. This is our job. Be the lamp.

P.S. I love lamp (aka you).

Music Mantra:

I only see one thing
In this world that I need
No war coming from me
Just want the love's chemistry
Good vibes and energy

My All-In-One Planner, Idea Collector & Manifesting Tool

My All-In-One Planner, Idea Collector & Manifesting Tool on rosiepi.com

If school supply shopping was exciting to you as a kid, chances are you still find yourself making any excuse to buy supplies for your office or think it’s perfectly normal to carry around a pencil case in your bag (it kinda is, isn’t it?).  I only know this because I’m one of those nerds who keeps finding reasons to buy planners, journals, notebooks, sketch books and pretty pencils and pens. Apparently I forgot I wasn’t in school anymore so having separate notebooks for the different “subjects” of my life was becoming inefficient… 

The grown-woman-me needs to be efficient. 

The start of the new year brings out the back-to-school mentality so last week I started getting the itch for a planner and began researching any versions that had space for free writing. I had just finished my last page in the Moleskine that manifested this blog :). Since I love me some Pinterest, I started my search there and immediately found the solution.

Bullet journaling. It’s a thing. 

“The analog system for the digital age” was developed by Ryder Carroll. The reason it’s so appealing to me is that it’s a process that allows you to keep ONE journal for EVERYTHING and keeps everything you write down organized so that you can reference back to your notes, free writing and lists easily. 

Last year I had a monthly planner where I would write down the top 3 things I wanted to get done in a day and a separate journal for free writing and notes. I tended to forget about the planner for long stretches at a time and sometimes found myself writing my to do lists in the middle of my journal. This year, I’ll have everything in one beautiful Moleskine

If you want to try it out there are so many resources out in the world wide web. Here are my two cents on bullet journaling/how I’m using it:

Buy a pretty notebook you’ll love to use all year

I went with a neutral grey Moleskine with the dotted grid pages. The dotted grid offers flexibility: guides for writing and drawing on straight lines and the freedom to ignore the dots and doodle freely. I read some people prefer notebooks that come with numbered pages but I don’t mind numbering a few pages at a time. #moleskinefolife

Think about your writing tendencies and be honest

There is a whole community on Pinterest and IG that have beautiful headers, color codinghabit trackers, etc. Although I love that shit, I have to be honest with myself and admit that I’m not going to keep that up all year. And since the point of this is for me is to be organized and efficient while chasing my dreams, I had to think about my writing tendencies in order to set up my bullet journal. 

I know I tend to write down to do lists, quotes, aha moments, podcast notes, ideas and I also like to free write. For anything more scheduling and future planning related I use the Calendar app on my phone. This assessment helped me cut out the Future and Monthly Log.

Set up your Key Page

The first page is where you write down what certain symbols mean. The basics you need to know are:

Bullet Journal Key on rosiepi.com

The second set of keys are used in addition to the ones above. They are signifiers that can be used to call attention to a task or to keep track of things you want to research or expand on later. 

Bullet Journal Signifiers on rosiepi.com

The reason the bullet point is the best option for tasks is because once they convert into completed, migrated or scheduled tasks, it’s easy to turn the bullet into an “ x”, “>” or “<“ without it looking messy. Other than that, feel free to switch up the rest based on your needs.

I created a third set of keys for the activities I make sure I’m including daily and/or weekly. I can scan the week to assess how I’ve done in each category and use that to adjust accordingly.

Bullet Journal Weekly and Daily goals on rosiepi.com

Set up the Index Page

This is my favorite part. It’s pretty much the way you’ll be able to refer back to any notes, quotes, aha moments or lists you’ve made. The index page(s) are usually on the second through third page and are left blank for now. As you start writing down things you know you’ll want to refer back to, flip to your index and write down the topic and page number. This works well with Collection pages where you start a topic such as “Books I Need to Read” and keep adding more ideas as they come.

Bullet Journal Index on rosiepi.com

Start bullet journaling

I started out with writing down my January tasks. This basically was just a way to write down everything that has been floating through my head. It took a whole page and I know I won’t get it all done this month but it actually felt really good to have it all on paper rather than in my head.

Bullet Journal tasks on rosiepi.com

After that I started with my daily to do list. The night before I’ll write down what I have to do the next day. I require myself to do a minimum of 3 things, one of them being something that’s working toward my goals. Because I’m trying to make my morning ritual a habit, I write that down. Eventually when it’s a habit I won’t have to.

If something doesn’t get done, you can migrate it to another day’s to do list. If something gets moved to my Calendar app, then I mark it as scheduled. And the best suggestion from Ryan is that you can always cross things off your list if you feel that it is no longer needed.


Today I had a powerful meditation when working with my hematite stones. I had flashes of insight so I started free writing on the next blank page. I indexed the page and now I can always refer back to it if I get more clarity or if I want to blog about it later. 

Bullet Journal Free Writing on rosiepi.com

I also love the idea of keeping one of these for each year. When I get older, looking back at to do lists and quotes I liked in 2016 can be just as insightful as reading a journal entry. Plus, I’m currently craving simplicity and this hits the spot.

Life as we think about it is broken up into different categories but life as we experience it is holistic. One thing affects the other so pretending like my life has separate containers is something I’m actively unlearning. It's no accident that I found a holistic way to keep track of life and I’m so excited about it that I wanted to share it with you in hopes that it might help you feel more organized and balanced this year so that we can focus on embodying Loving Presence