How I'm Staying Motivated to Workout

"I'm feeling myself" is my new mantra (in Beyonce's voice, obviously).  

Instead of focusing on a future body as motivation to break into a sweat I'm now focusing on something much more tangible... the pain. Let me explain. 

You know that feeling, a day or two after a workout, when your body feels sore but tight? Do you wonder if your body is more toned from just one workout or if maybe it's all in your head?

I was asking myself this question when I realized that whether or not my body was changing that quickly, I could feel immediate results. With just one challenging workout, your body will feel tight and sore in the next few days.  Working out consistently keeps that feeling in your body which results in feeling in shape. 

Eventually what might have only been in your head is going to manifest into the physical. Hello, tiny arm muscle. 

What I'm realizing is that it starts from the inside out. The feeling is all that matters. You can feel this way now. You don’t have to wait until you complete a 28 day challenge that leaves you more stressed than you started. This is a paradigm shift to turn this workout thing into instant gratification.

It starts with a simple mental exercise that snowballs into real results.

You know what also works for me? Tapping on the Nike Running App and going for a run when I  realize I got bumped down by amiga, Melissa ;). Works like a charm!

Need a running app buddy? Hit me up. Let's keep each other motivated. :)

Music mantra:

I'm feeling myself.