A Guide for the Spiritual Fashionista

Fashion and spirituality aren't subjects most of us think go hand in hand. Our “spiritual ego”, as I like to call it, likes to separate what it considers “spiritual”, put it on a pedestal and then look down upon anything that doesn’t fit into this world.

But what I’ve learned is that everything is spiritual - it’s just a matter of looking at it from a different perspective.

In the case of fashion, it could be considered a superficial and very ego-centric industry and I’m sure most of us could find plenty of proof that this is the “truth.” But as someone that's working in the industry, I've found plenty of evidence that fashion’s core essence is divine and responds to our yearning for self-expression. I've also met loving and generous artists that express themselves through designing and an array of talented people that are living their dharma through the industry.

If you are struggling between merging your namaste life with your fashionista tendencies, I put together a list of some spiritual approaches to fashion:

1. Regularly purge your closet

Clutter can lead to energy blocks so make sure you keep the flow going, even in your closet. As much as we like to believe we “need” something, we don’t. Point blank period. If you haven’t worn something in a while and you don’t get excited to put it on anymore, it's time to release it to another owner who will rediscover the magic in it. Whether you do it every season or every year, make sure that you stay consistent.

2. Buy something / Get rid of something

Along with the previous idea, when you add to your closet, it’s a good idea to subtract. Life is about the balance of giving and receiving, so a new piece in your collection is a great reminder to pass something along. Not only will it keep you fresh, but you will give someone the opportunity to enjoy that piece that you’ve already enjoyed. Implementing this strategy also reminds us to be good stewards of our belongings.

3. Invest in quality pieces

Zara is my guilty pleasure but I admit that their pieces aren’t the highest vibe pieces. Fast fashion is controversial because of the pollution and bad working conditions attached to it. While I know that it’s not that easy to exclusively buy items that don’t fall into this category, we can slowly start to shift the amount of pieces we own that will last us a long time and will not have to be tossed after a few washes.

4. Shop with intention

Before you go off on a shopping spree to make yourself feel better, make sure to take a pause and remind yourself that nothing material can ever fill a void. Set your intention before you go so that anything you buy will serve you in a positive way. Do you tend to avoid attention because you are afraid of being seen? Go buy that bold lipstick and wear it as practice to feel joy with being seen. The power of intention is magical and can transform a shopping trip into another way to aid your growth.

5. Think outside the mall

I grew up as a mall going Valley Girl so when I discovered all the exciting ways to shop that didn’t include Mrs. Field Cookies, it opened up a whole new world for me:

  • Consignment, second-hand and vintage stores are perfect places to find gems that aren’t widely available anymore. Shopping takes on a sense of adventure and discovery when you find something that fits great, has been something you’ve been eyeing or is in great condition and significantly less than retail. It also helps to reduce the damage that the fashion industry is responsible for. Shop green!
  • Ebay and apps like Tradesy give you the benefits of shopping pre-loved and new items from the comfort of your own home. I see eBay as the modern day barter system. Sure, money is the still the currency but you can sell some items that you're clearing out of closet to make room for the ones you're purchasing from another eBay seller. Win win!
  • Boutiques, whether brick & mortar or online, are run by amazing entrepreneurs that are passionate about what they sell and are taking a chance in building their own businesses. Especially as an entrepreneur, supporting small businesses when you can is just good karma. Places like Etsy do all the digging for you so that you can stay on one platform and shop one-of-a-kind, handmade, high vibe pieces from artists around the world. Remember, abundance starts with giving (and you can’t deny what you are getting from these amazing designers!)
  • Products with meaning and messages that align with you make for a great purchases because they are infused with the kind of energy you want to surround yourself with. Whether they are cruelty-free beauty products or Truth Bomb jewelry collaborations by Danielle LaPorte, your purchases are energized with the intention behind the product.

Keep in mind that fashion is neutral and it is up to us to decide how we are going to relate to it. When I dress in a way that feels genuine and good to me, I can show up so much more authentically than I would if I denied that cute shoes make me happy.

When we use fashion to be more of ourselves, fashion is magic. 

Music mantra:

"Girl I promise you, no substitutes. It's just me."