Advice From Oprah on Becoming YOU

Last month my dream came true. 

My friend Tanya tagged me in a Facebook post that Oprah was hosting a Super Soul Sessions event where she was inviting some of the top spiritual thought leaders she’s had as guests on Super Soul Sunday for a day o’wisdom. We signed up and ended up getting tickets! I started spreading the word to anyone I thought would be interested and before I knew it, almost 30 of my loved ones were joining me on this amazing day of spirituality with OPRAH! 🙌

We got to listen to 10 of the most influential spiritual leaders including Deepak Chopra, Brene Brown, Marianne Williamson, Elizabeth Gilbert and so many more. Each offered aha moments and reminders of the things I know to be Truth. It. Was. Amazing. Oprah closed the event and her words were like lasers that went directly to my soul.

It was the perfect closing to the day because her life epitomizes the kinds of heights you can reach in your life when you embody the spiritual principles that had been shared with us all day. 

I’m not saying that if you do A, B and C then your life will be exactly like Oprah’s but we all have the potential of living a life we can’t imagine from our current perspectives. We really can experience quantum leaps in our lifetime. This is what Oprah shared as some of her guiding principles for becoming who she is now…

1. Be yourself.

This advice was given to her by her boss when she started her TV career. She took it to heart and it obviously worked! There’s never been someone quite like Oprah and guess what? There’s never been and never will be someone quite like you. While we may have lots in common as humans, you are a unique, one-of-a-kind remix and no one is put together exactly like you. You can take comfort in knowing that the feelings you feel are universal human emotions (that’s what connects us) but also keep in mind that the reason you’re here is because you have something unique to offer the world. No one else can do the job you were sent here to do.

Lately I’ve been telling the Universe that I want to get paid for being me. What better way to receive your abundance than by being yourself. This is where you’ll find your true power. Why wouldn’t The Artist we call God not support us in being who we were designed to become? Whether it’s a job that plays to your strengths or a business you start based on your passions, I believe that our power and abundance flows when we’re in that space. And when we try to force something that we’re not, it’s not wrong, it just isn’t a smooth path. We can learn from these experiences and take steps to get closer to being in our power. 

2.  Make the decision to stop wasting time.

It’s actually possible to think we have no time in our day to day lives yet simultaneously feel we have all the time in the world to get started on that dream of ours. Well, hate to break it to you (and me), but we actually don’t have all the time in the world. We’re here for a limited time and the older we get, time seems to go by faster because our busy days lead to busy lives. Months start to feel like weeks and years fly by. I know I’m not the only one who feels summer goes by way faster than it did when we were kids. People like Oprah achieve all that they achieve by living from a space where they know their work here is important and get busy actually doing it. There is a sense of urgency. 

At the same time, so much can happen in a year, in a month, in a day! So when Oprah tells you to stop wasting time, you listen up. Since February of this year, I’ve been working on this blog. I started writing then got scared and pulled back because I started to think I had to be more official and do an editorial calendar, logo, about page, branding, etc. Although those things can be important, a lot of it was procrastination due to the fact that I was scared to share it more widely and let it have a life of its own. In one day at Super Soul Sessions, I made the decision to stop letting fear stop me. In a month I finalized the website and branding. And week by week I will be creating and sharing… no longer wasting time. 

3. Follow the flow of your life. 

Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about this in his book “The Power of Intention”. It’s this invisible energy field that’s taking us to the next level of our lives. It’s the same energy that takes a caterpillar and turns it into a butterfly, a seed to blooming flower, and the same energy that’ll take you and create the YOU you are designed to become. Oprah reminds us that when we allow our personality to serve our soul, instead of the other way around, you’ll be in the flow of your life. And the way you’ll know you’re in the flow is by following what feels right. Whenever it starts to feel wrong, we simply course correct. Sometimes we do this willingly and sometimes something happens in our lives to steer us in a different direction. Either way, trust it. 

A spiritual practice is important for being in the flow because when we create space we’ll know when something feels right or wrong. If we don’t, it isn’t as clear to us because we’re in our heads overthinking. It’s super easy to get distracted and lost throughout the day - there’s always so much going on! It happens to me even if I’ve meditated, but what a spiritual practice does is makes it easier to get back in the flow. And when we do we’re allowing the highest possible expression of us to come through. That is how you will become you, the YOU the Designer intended for you to become.

There is no difference between us and Oprah. We’re all connected. We’re all reflections of the Designer that created us with Love. 

P.S. The big fat cherry on top to this day was that I got to have a mini conversation with Oprah after the event when she was walking back to her car (you can see my reaction on a video I posted on Instagram). I told her that I was no longer gonna waste time. I’m in the process of becoming ROSIE PI and can’t wait to see the YOU you become. 


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We won't let our hearts forget this time.