The Universe Voted for Us

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Coming out of the fog of the election and these are my feelings…

From our perspective, this is sooo backwards… but from many others’ perspective, this is exactly what America needed. 

How do we make sense of this split?

We are ALL coming from our own perceptions based on the body we were born into, the experiences we’ve had, our education, the people we know and love, etc. Those perceptions influence our sense of what is right and wrong and what’s important or not, in the physical world. 

We have to step out of our perception to understand what's happening.

Not everyone can do that right now but for those of us that have been touched by the Truth, that we are One, we must start acting and living according to that Truth. Even more now.

You know who you are if you hear the call. We aren't going to be perfect but we are being asked to strive to be better than we’ve been before. 

And think about it… if Clinton would’ve won, we might’ve all been temporarily relieved just a teeny tiny bit but there'd STILL be work left to do that can only happen through the people. She was not meant to rescue us. If anything, Trump is motivating us to move. And so spiritually, I thank Clinton and Trump for their role in this incarnation.

I’d also like to point out, especially to all my sisters, that although many of us thought the rise of the feminine was going to be marked by a female president, it’s being delivered to us in a way that we didn’t expect. In my humble opinion, the role to usher in the Feminine is OURS to step into. 

The Universe voted and it is US who got elected on Tuesday.

The Feminine must no longer adapt to the Masculine. Trying to create change through the same system and playing by the same rules won’t get us far. This election has disrupted our realities and now we must redirect to a new, feminine way of co-operating with all living beings. Let's do it in our OWN way…

By remembering WHO WE ARE.

By acknowledging and accepting present moment.

By cultivating love that doesn’t stop with disagreement.

By listening both to our own higher guidance and the “other”.

By acting from a space of connection with the Earth and each other.

I am letting myself be transformed by the pain, compassion, confusion, and love with the knowing that so many of you are too. We are already transforming the world in a different, subtle and powerful way.

I love you… I really do. 

Music Mantra:

I was reborn, when I was broken. 

Glow Natural: The Easy Way to Improve Your Health

Natural Girl Clean Beauty

Aren’t you tired of seeing health as this thing to conquer? It seems to be something out there that you might eventually reach (but there are no guarantees!) Sure, there are plenty of resources to help guide us on what we could be eating and how we could be moving to optimize our health. The problem isn’t that we don’t know… and if we don’t, it’s really only a Google search away. 

Sometimes the problem comes when we’re trying to change things up in our life. We hit that resistance. We get used to and almost even hypnotized into staying in our comfort zone. It doesn’t matter what they promise we’ll feel like on the other side, change is uncomfortable. That’s why we can do something for a certain period of time (like getting up early to exercise and eat breakfast) and then we sleep in one day and it throws off our momentum… just me?!

In any area of change, we tend to come up with mental barriers to implementing a new idea right away and store it in our brain for “future implementation.”

But what if there’s something super easy and affordable that we can do that that’ll positively affect our health in the long run? Something that we didn’t have to necessarily do everyday but that would reduce our body’s exposure to toxins and create a healthier environment in our body?

It sounds like this something is a load of bs but I promise you it’s not. 

I realized that by replacing just ONE item in my bathroom with a toxin-free version (or at least moving in that direction) as it ran out, I could slowly replace all my beauty products with more natural versions and do it in a way that wouldn’t require a large investment. (p.s. this also can apply to your cleaning products.) And think about it, it’s as simple as purchasing something different. You don’t have to wake up earlier, sweat or even do anything physical to make this change on the daily. Once you make that one purchase, you are no longer getting those toxins in your body. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest things we can do for our health. 

A good place to start is to run your current products under the EWG - Environmental Working Group Skin Deep rating database. Although there are some critiques on the rating system, it’s a great resource especially if all of this is pretty new to you. Just remember we are aiming for an improvement, not perfection. Your first purchases may not be 100% pure but they will probably be a lot better than the sodium lauryl sulfate mess you’ve been dousing yourself in. A score of 0-2 is ideal. If your product doesn’t pass the test, start the search for something better. Read the reviews and go with something you’re excited to try. 

Remember, there is a better and simpler version for everything.

Sometimes you’ll find some products that don’t work as well as its chemical counterpart but you can always:

1- realize it’s still better than using chemicals

2 - try something else

3 - keep it as a back up when you run out of your main stuff (see #2) 

DISCLAIMER: For any of this to work as easily as I’m describing, you’ll have to be open-minded and excited to experiment until you find the perfect match. But once you do, you have something that is healthy and natural and toxin free and nourishing to your body. And if money is the issue, you get to make stuff at home with all the recipes you can find on Pinterest. Save all your glass containers and use them to put your new concoctions in. If you do it one product at a time, you won’t be overwhelmed and you’ll see that many recipes use the same basic ingredients so it may get cheaper and cheaper to make that transition to less toxic cosmetic, body and cleaning products.

We aren’t ever going to be toxin free because there is so much shit floating around so the aim is to reduce it, not eliminate it. Ask yourself what you can control and focus on that. In this case, we can control what we purchase and therefore put on our skin everyday. If this approach can make you feel that health is attainable without all the sacrifice and effort that we’re used to, you’ll start seeing changes in other aspects of your health. You’ll activate being in the flow and on the path of least resistance where you make yourself available to many more benefits. Allow something this easy to be transformational and seep into the other aspects of your health. 

Music Mantra:

Mellow yellow lemon, I'm glowed up. 


One Habit At A Time

Just me channeling  Julieta Venegas' Limón y Sal  cover.  :)

Just me channeling Julieta Venegas' Limón y Sal cover.  :)

This is the short version of my story around health and food…does it sound familiar to you? 

My thinking is very black and white so when I’m healthy, I become obsessed with being perfectly healthy and when I get tired of all the effort that it takes (mostly the internal struggle in my head), I go back to eating all the things I know I shouldn’t. I’ve been doing this almost my entire adult life and have been searching for a way to let go of my habit of being extreme. 

I can analyze my story to death, tell myself that eating fruits and veggies is like eating sunshine (actually, I LOVE that idea), and watch as many Netflix food documentaries as I can (I highly recommend Cowspiracy) but what is going to make all the healthy habits stick and release me from feeling overwhelmed by them?

Enter my latest aha moment… the “one habit at a time” approach. 

Habits… you know those things you find yourself doing without thinking? Usually we focus on our bad habits and try to will power them away. That usually doesn’t work for me so instead, I’m focusing only on cultivating good habits… and only one at a time. 

Ultimately, I want a healthy lifestyle to be second nature to me. I want being healthy to be effortless!!!!! I figure if I take the time to cultivate one good habit and not worry about anything else until it truly becomes a habit, I’ll be changing my entire life… one habit at a time. I don’t care if something takes me 21 days or 2 years, I bet I’ll make more progress than I have when I try to change my entire lifestyle from one day to the next. 

The first habit I’m tackling starts with drinking 24 oz. of water with juice from 1 whole lemon everyday. Lemon water helps us in so many ways (look it up) and, for me, it was one of the easiest habits I could start with since I LOVE lemons. Growing up I ate a lot of my fruits and veggies with limón y sal. I sometimes even eat whole lemons like an orange.

Pretty much, I chose the habit I had the least resistance to.

I’ve noticed that drinking lemon water has helped me reduce my cravings for coffee in the morning. Also, since I have an abundance of lemons at home for my new soon-to-be-habit, I decided to experiment with some advice I’ve been hearing from my mom since I was a kid….using lemon as deodorant! 

After preparing my lemon water, I use one of the remaining halves as my deodorant since it has just enough juice left. It dries a little sticky on my skin so then I rub some coconut oil on top. It’s been working better than my other natural deodorant (although, it’s yet to be tested during the summer). I smell amazing and feel so fuckin’ resourceful and green. 


My focus remains on the habit of drinking lemon water everyday but I love the fact that it’s also helping me remain toxin free under my arms aaaand has been motivating me to make small healthy choices. I have a feeling this will be a trend with my #onehabitaday journey. The more good habits I cultivate, the less room for the bad habits. But I’m not too focused on any of that right now. I’m just happy that I have to pee all the time now because I’m becoming a lemon water drinking machine. 

If you like this #onehabitatatime idea, I suggest you join me and start with finding that one least resistant healthy habit to adopt and keep your focus there. Notice where this one good habit takes you and the domino effect it has on other areas of your life. Once you feel like this has become something you don’t have to think about anymore, move onto to habit number 2. This is the equivalent of starting with 5 minutes of meditation and working your way up. Baby steps, baby. Let’s do thisssss. 

P.S. If you decide to join me please share in the comments below or email me. I would love for us to help each other live a healthy life one habit at a time.

Music Mantra:

Yo te quiero con limón y sal, yo te quiero tal y como estas

No se falta cambiarte nada

Translation: I love you just as you are, you don't have to change a thing.

This is especially important when making improvements in our lives. You gotta love yourself first.

Why I Jumped On The “Yoga (Almost) Every Damn Day” Bandwagon

3 minute read

3 minute read

Trying something new this week. If you are on the go and don't want to read, press play and I will read to you. These recordings will get better with practice, I promise. 😁

If everyone is doing something, you’ll find a hard time convincing me to do it. But eventually my judgements wear off and I realize why trends are trending. I’ve noticed this pattern in me a lot lately. I resist liking things everyone likes and then end up biting my tongue. This isn’t easy for my Aquarius side to admit but it’s true. I rolled my eyes at Drake and now I can’t get Hotline Bling off my playlist. I resisted getting into Game of Thrones and now find myself binge watching in order to catch up so no one spoils it for me. And now, after dabbling in yoga for years but never getting into it because I didn’t want to fit into the stereotype of the “spiritual hippy yogi girl”, here I am, admitting to you that I have jumped on another bandwagon. Moral of the story, judging always comes back to you. But, that’s a good thing…  

It all began earlier this year when I purchased a groupon for YogaWorks. I admit I was more motivated to get my money’s worth than to workout everyday but it lead me to understand what the #yogaeverydamnday people on Instagram have probably always known… yoga is the most efficient way to connect the mind, body and soul. 

Yoga quiets/distracts my mind. 

I think once my practice deepens, I’ll be able to zen out more quickly and frequently but right now, the way yoga has been able to quiet the chatter of my mind has been through distracting my mind. My overthinking brain is forced to focus on the present moment and how I’m going to get my body to do that pose.  Once my mind slows down enough, it produces relaxation. This is a daily lesson on how powerful our minds are and how it can affect the way our body feels. 

Yoga efficiently moves my body. 

There are countless physical benefits when you do yoga, like massaging your organs and body awareness, but the most motivating factor for me is efficiency. Not having time to workout and stretch is a worn out excuse of mine and yoga has been the perfect antidote for that. Usually when I run, I skip out or rush through the stretching part. I’ve always taken my flexibility for granted and as I get older, I’m realizing I have to actually stretch. With yoga, I’m able to to workout and stretch all at the same damn time. And since I’m focusing on my breath, I am also getting in my daily meditation. Score.

Yoga reminds me to breathe. 

Our breath is the quickest way to connect to our soul and become present. There’s a reason why when we meditate, we focus on the breath. Although breathing seems like the easiest thing in the world to do since we don’t have to actually think about it do it, yoga helps me to focus on it. In yoga, inhales and exhales are synced with movement. For example, you inhale in plank and exhale to downward dog. Connecting movement to breath is one way to get your mediation in and the perfect alternative to meditating while sitting still.  

I now subscribe to YogaWork’s online classes so there is even more reason for me to do #yogaeverydamnday… well, almost every day, but I’m getting there.

Music Mantra:

Open your mind, open it wide.

How I'm Staying Motivated to Workout

"I'm feeling myself" is my new mantra (in Beyonce's voice, obviously).  

Instead of focusing on a future body as motivation to break into a sweat I'm now focusing on something much more tangible... the pain. Let me explain. 

You know that feeling, a day or two after a workout, when your body feels sore but tight? Do you wonder if your body is more toned from just one workout or if maybe it's all in your head?

I was asking myself this question when I realized that whether or not my body was changing that quickly, I could feel immediate results. With just one challenging workout, your body will feel tight and sore in the next few days.  Working out consistently keeps that feeling in your body which results in feeling in shape. 

Eventually what might have only been in your head is going to manifest into the physical. Hello, tiny arm muscle. 

What I'm realizing is that it starts from the inside out. The feeling is all that matters. You can feel this way now. You don’t have to wait until you complete a 28 day challenge that leaves you more stressed than you started. This is a paradigm shift to turn this workout thing into instant gratification.

It starts with a simple mental exercise that snowballs into real results.

You know what also works for me? Tapping on the Nike Running App and going for a run when I  realize I got bumped down by amiga, Melissa ;). Works like a charm!

Need a running app buddy? Hit me up. Let's keep each other motivated. :)

Music mantra:

I'm feeling myself.