Fate & Free Will


It is not fate versus free will, rather fate and free will.

If God is infinite (no beginning, no end), then isn’t Infinity able to hold our fate and free will simultaneously?

We possess free will in the choices we make in each moment.

Each choice happens within our fate to return to the perfection of it all.

You are not necessarily faced with the right or wrong choice, but a choice on how you will return to your perfection.

Music Mantra:

Don't you see we got what no money could measure

And we could be free if we'd peep our hidden treasures

FREE the Muse & FRIDA Nipple

Ever had the best idea ever, not followed through and then see someone do the same thing you had thought of? I believe this is because our ideas are not our ideas. Ideas are ideas and the Muse will find an available open vessel that will bring forth her vision. As the vessel, you will naturally add your own spice during the manifestation, and that’s why she comes to you. But as Danielle LaPorte pointed out in her post “How to Kiss Up to Your Muse”, you have to do right by her to encourage her to keep visiting. Be ready, listen when she comes and follow through. 

This wasn’t as hard when I was a kid. I knew I was an artist. But as my ego got stronger and my sensitivity heightened, I gradually began to shut down my creative side. The Intellectual took over and I started to see ideas the Muse would give me as my ideas that I needed to be protective of. Creating meant opening myself up to criticism and like Badu, I’m sensitive about my shit. Starting isn’t necessarily the hard part for me, it’s the following through part that I’ve struggled with creatively. I’m the first to admit that I’ve left many inspirations in the land of unfinished ideas, half-way manifested. 

“Frida Nipple” was one of those ideas. The Muse visited on February 6, 2015 as an Instagram post for @ArithmaChic. She nudged me that this wasn’t something that was meant to be left in the digital world. Since ArithmaChic was a clothing line, I thought it was meant to be made into a t-shirt. But during this time I was coming into my own as a creative and also coming out of the spiritual closet. The Muse was encouraging me to stop hiding and start creating under my own name so I can have full control and freedom. But as appealing as that felt, it was also fucking scary to me. 

Hesitantly and eventually I did start the blog but I kept making excuses to delay the full manifestation of Frida Nipple. But as I’ve learned, the Muse doesn’t operate on your or my timeline. There are now a few “Frida Nipple” products out there, all spiced up differently. And today, as I crawl through the finish line of this project, the Rosie Pi version is finally here. The Muse was waiting for me with a smirk on her face. She’s proud that I’ve learned the lesson, even if it was the hard way. She’s not finished with me yet, so I plan to stock my online art studio with her ideas this coming year, now under Rosie Pi. 

To my fellow shy creatives, learn from my journey. As sensitive about “our” shit as we are, remember that the Muse wants to create with us. Don’t judge her ideas. Don’t hoard her ideas. Be the creative vessel she knows you are and wants you to be and let her ideas flow through you. The more we do it, the easier it will become. What ideas have you been holding onto? Don’t force the Muse to find another vessel. Honor her and create! — and with all that said, visit my new online art studio to order a pin for you and a fellow Frida-loving, nipple-freeing friend.

And while allllll this is true and I'm learning the lesson of following through, my Higher Self reminds me that the wait was not in vain and that everything happens according to divine timing. The fact that I am releasing this pin on 12/12 at 12:12pm of such a crazy year - I had to look up what that meant in angel numbers. This is what I found

Angel Number 1212 is a powerful sign that you are to step out of your comfort zone and take new directions and/or begin new projects and ventures that you have been wanting to do for a long time now.

How's that for synchronicity? 

The Universe Voted for Us

Rosie Pi - Post Election Feels.PNG

Coming out of the fog of the election and these are my feelings…

From our perspective, this is sooo backwards… but from many others’ perspective, this is exactly what America needed. 

How do we make sense of this split?

We are ALL coming from our own perceptions based on the body we were born into, the experiences we’ve had, our education, the people we know and love, etc. Those perceptions influence our sense of what is right and wrong and what’s important or not, in the physical world. 

We have to step out of our perception to understand what's happening.

Not everyone can do that right now but for those of us that have been touched by the Truth, that we are One, we must start acting and living according to that Truth. Even more now.

You know who you are if you hear the call. We aren't going to be perfect but we are being asked to strive to be better than we’ve been before. 

And think about it… if Clinton would’ve won, we might’ve all been temporarily relieved just a teeny tiny bit but there'd STILL be work left to do that can only happen through the people. She was not meant to rescue us. If anything, Trump is motivating us to move. And so spiritually, I thank Clinton and Trump for their role in this incarnation.

I’d also like to point out, especially to all my sisters, that although many of us thought the rise of the feminine was going to be marked by a female president, it’s being delivered to us in a way that we didn’t expect. In my humble opinion, the role to usher in the Feminine is OURS to step into. 

The Universe voted and it is US who got elected on Tuesday.

The Feminine must no longer adapt to the Masculine. Trying to create change through the same system and playing by the same rules won’t get us far. This election has disrupted our realities and now we must redirect to a new, feminine way of co-operating with all living beings. Let's do it in our OWN way…

By remembering WHO WE ARE.

By acknowledging and accepting present moment.

By cultivating love that doesn’t stop with disagreement.

By listening both to our own higher guidance and the “other”.

By acting from a space of connection with the Earth and each other.

I am letting myself be transformed by the pain, compassion, confusion, and love with the knowing that so many of you are too. We are already transforming the world in a different, subtle and powerful way.

I love you… I really do. 

Music Mantra:

I was reborn, when I was broken. 

Bring Your Dreams Down to Earth

Down to Earth by Rosie Pi

Why aren't most of us living our dreams? It is unrealistic to think our visions are within reach? Depending on your TRUE answer (your first gut reaction), you'll be able to predict for yourself whether you reach them or not. A half-believed vision can be a death sentence for that vision because our day to day lives are a matter of prioritization. Your top priority gets the most consistent attention while lower priorities get your attention from time to time. For most of us, a paycheck = survival so it's not uncommon to think of our jobs are our top priorities, after our friends and family. This works for a lot of people but not all of us, especially fellow dream chasers that don't find themselves fulfilled in a traditional career path. 

The gap between our current realities and our vision often seems sooo wide it paralyzes us. Time passes us by, our jobs start consuming us, family and friends need our time and gradually you (along with your vision) are pushed down to the bottom. BUT what if we really believed that whatever that vision is, it was placed inside us for a reason by our Creator, for an important and specific reason, at this time, on this planet? Would it move up on your ladder of priorities? This is merely a decision, a decision you can literally make right now or gradually over the next few months. Just like I've decided many things in my lifetime, I'm deciding my vision is a priority. This is what claiming your vision requires: a decision and a belief in that decision. 

After you've claimed it, you need to bring your vision from your inner space and beam it down to earth (aka make it "real"). This sends a signal to the Universe that you mean business and you're ready for your next direction. Here are the 5 steps I'm currently taking: 

1. Talk Numbers

I put it first because it is my least favorite and least intuitive step. If you have your head in the clouds most of the time then your vision may need some grounding energy like mine did. For me, continuing to build this digital platform in order to share my insights and aha moments on this spiritual and creative journey is the broad vision. At the moment, the quantifiable steps are X amount of blog posts a quarter, X amount of social media posts a week, X amount of outreach to online magazines, etc. Pretty much, I looked at what I did last year and upped the ante a bit. 

Action: Take the part of the vision you currently have (since our Creator tends to reveal in bits and pieces as to not overwhelm us) and work backwards by breaking it down into smaller quantifiable goals. As you get more ideas, break those down too as much as you can. 

2. Track Your Progress

At school you have a teacher, at work you have a boss, but when you’re following a vision you have to do the tracking. Sure, your life will reflect it in some shape or form, but we tend to be so in it that it’s hard to tell that you're making moves. When you’re working out, before and after pictures are important because we get used to our own bodies. The same is true for our dreams. I know I feel everything’s the same ole’ same ole’ until I really start to analyze all the tiny victories. This isn’t something I have been good at but just realized it’s important to keep the enthusiasm and motivation.

Action: write down where you're at now. Do this quarterly. Compare. You can start by using the quantifiable goals in step 1 and recording where you’re at it currently. Revisit at the end of December. 

3. Clock Into Your Dream

If you're like me, your pour yourself into other people's visions because you believe in them. It's sometimes easier to believe other people's visions because you're not in their head hearing the insecurities and negative self talk you may have around your own vision. Self doubt slows down our progress. We procrastinate either out of fear, because it “don't pay the bills” (yet), or a bunch of other excuses. That's where the Hours Keeper app, or something like it, comes in handy.

Action: download the app. Make yourself your own client. Clock in once a day (even if for 5, 10, 15 mins). That shit adds up. You’ll be able to actually see how much time you're spending on making your dream a reality on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

4. Recruit an Accountability Partner

I’ve been trying to unlearn my “good student” training for some years now but I can’t deny I like affirmations when I’m doing good and feel more motivated not to slack off when I have someone to “answer to”. This is especially important when you’re starting something solo and have no immediate consequences for not doing what you planned to do. Eventually my own self satisfaction will suffice but until I get there, this is what has been helping me recently.

Action: pick someone you know that will take your progress seriously and share your vision and quantifiable goals with them. How frequently you meet will be decided by whatever works for the both of you but I think at least quarterly is important. If you can, find a friend that’s also following a vision and be accountable to each other. This motivates the other person to stay on top of you because they want the same from you. Win-win.

5. Tell People (the ones you trust)

Your vision is your baby to love and to protect so when you first start you probably just want to tell the people you know will add flame to the baby fire. My semi-openness is a result of the gradual clarity I’ve received around the vision. After I truly claimed it I began been telling more and more people because that makes it more “real” (with a lower case r) to me. The more I talk about it the more I believe it. And now, I not only have one accountability partner, but several mini partners on this journey. You may not know this but you are my partner on this journey now just by reading a few words. :)

Action: none needed if you’re not ready just yet. But when you are, keep in mind you can email me. I'm really good at adding flame to baby fires. 

Music Mantra:

Look in the mirror and know I'm there, with my hands in the air, I'm proud to say, yea I'm real, I'm real, I'm really really real.

See vs Seek: An Abundance AHA Moment

Rosie Pi - See vs Seek Abundance.jpg

How many of us are trying to “manifest abundance”? 


We must stop. When we seek it, we’re automatically telling ourselves that we don’t have it - because why else would we seek it? And when we’re constantly in seek mode, even if something did show up we wouldn’t be able to see it. We’ve got the blinders on. 


Instead, we must SEE the abundance already in our life. It may not be in the form of green paper but examine what you’ve experienced that money couldn’t buy, like that great idea you’ve yet to execute or the AMAZING people in your life. We already have abundance and the tools to receive more, we’re just not seeing it. 


Like attracts like. The more you don’t think you have, the more you don’t (think you) have. The more you think you have, the more you (think you) have. And isn’t this whole life thing highly influenced by, if not completely ruled by, how we view our world? 


Stuck? Start with this thought: from the simple fact that you’re reading this, you have access to a computer or a smart phone. Most of the world would tell you you’re fucking rich.  Embrace it, be grateful and watch how abundant you feel.


Music Mantra:

Ain't none of this shit promised.

(enjoy your abundance now) 

Don't Save the Earth, Save Yourself

And the Earth will follow.

While you should totally do all you can to “save the Earth” — which is just the human way of saying “save ourselves from becoming extinct from the Earth” — I think we’re missing an important element when it comes to all our well-intentioned choices to recycle, reduce our energy consumption, go vegan, etc. 

Astronauts, in fact, are some of the very few people that truly understand what the rest of us are missing: a different perspective referred to as the overview effect

The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts and cosmonauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from orbit or from the lunar surface. - Wiki (wiki)

Once they’ve seen our planet from afar, astronauts report gaining a deeper understanding that we’re all in this together.

Our separation from each other, made so clear to us by distance, is laughable when you see our Earth from this perspective. Imaginary borders and imaginary differences all become obvious as imagined. Instead of wasting and dividing our efforts by fighting each other for more resources and power, we should be merging our energy to preserve as much life (animal, plant, human… LIFE) on Earth as we possibly can.

Spirituality tells us we're all ONE but astronauts have actually seen for themselves that is the Truth.

When astronauts first went into space they had no idea that one of the most impactful things they would get to experience would be seeing our own planet in a whole new perspective. The first Earth "selfie" shifted the way we saw ourselves. We were collectively so obsessed with what was out there that we overlooked what's right here. We do this all the time on a mirco level in our own lives. And what the Overview Effect reminds me to do is to start with myself on Earth Day. How do I pollute my mind with thoughts of separations or negativity? How do I pollute my body? How do I treat my corner of the world? As my favorite cliche says, be the change.

Recycling or any other "green" action becomes a part of who you are when you are in tune with the Overview Effect because you know that all you do not only affects you, but everyone else. And it also offers us the perfect place to start with any of these changes.... with you. 

You are your own mini Earth. "Save" yourself and you save us all. 

The World is Your Shiny Disco Ball

Disco Globe by Rosie Pi

Not only does my inner dancing queen love the thought of a disco ball floating up in space but it illustrates how power-FULL our connection to the world really is.  

We live in a world that mirrors back to us what we think and believe. Just like a disco ball will reflect whatever light is projected onto it, so will our lives. 

We tend to forget this and think that the world out there is completely separate from us and that we have no control over it but A Course in Miracles reminds us that:

Our thoughts are the cause and the world we see is the effect.

Our mind’s filter is more powerful than your favorite IG filter. We get to choose the one that makes our lives feel empowering and loving and we get to reinterpret something “bad” as something that’s pushing us toward growth.

Whatever you keep reinforcing is what you'll keep experiencing. We then accumulate physical evidence that our beliefs are true. So our true power lies in perspective (really, it's ALL perspective).

I’m still learning and know I don’t have all the answers but if I can interpret a situation in a more empowering light, why the hell wouldn’t I?

Who’s world is this? The world is yours. It really is… At least your world, so shine bright sisters, because what good is a disco ball with no shine?

Music Mantra:

You're a shining star

No matter who you are

Shining bright to see

What you could truly be

My All-In-One Planner, Idea Collector & Manifesting Tool

My All-In-One Planner, Idea Collector & Manifesting Tool on rosiepi.com

If school supply shopping was exciting to you as a kid, chances are you still find yourself making any excuse to buy supplies for your office or think it’s perfectly normal to carry around a pencil case in your bag (it kinda is, isn’t it?).  I only know this because I’m one of those nerds who keeps finding reasons to buy planners, journals, notebooks, sketch books and pretty pencils and pens. Apparently I forgot I wasn’t in school anymore so having separate notebooks for the different “subjects” of my life was becoming inefficient… 

The grown-woman-me needs to be efficient. 

The start of the new year brings out the back-to-school mentality so last week I started getting the itch for a planner and began researching any versions that had space for free writing. I had just finished my last page in the Moleskine that manifested this blog :). Since I love me some Pinterest, I started my search there and immediately found the solution.

Bullet journaling. It’s a thing. 

“The analog system for the digital age” was developed by Ryder Carroll. The reason it’s so appealing to me is that it’s a process that allows you to keep ONE journal for EVERYTHING and keeps everything you write down organized so that you can reference back to your notes, free writing and lists easily. 

Last year I had a monthly planner where I would write down the top 3 things I wanted to get done in a day and a separate journal for free writing and notes. I tended to forget about the planner for long stretches at a time and sometimes found myself writing my to do lists in the middle of my journal. This year, I’ll have everything in one beautiful Moleskine

If you want to try it out there are so many resources out in the world wide web. Here are my two cents on bullet journaling/how I’m using it:

Buy a pretty notebook you’ll love to use all year

I went with a neutral grey Moleskine with the dotted grid pages. The dotted grid offers flexibility: guides for writing and drawing on straight lines and the freedom to ignore the dots and doodle freely. I read some people prefer notebooks that come with numbered pages but I don’t mind numbering a few pages at a time. #moleskinefolife

Think about your writing tendencies and be honest

There is a whole community on Pinterest and IG that have beautiful headers, color codinghabit trackers, etc. Although I love that shit, I have to be honest with myself and admit that I’m not going to keep that up all year. And since the point of this is for me is to be organized and efficient while chasing my dreams, I had to think about my writing tendencies in order to set up my bullet journal. 

I know I tend to write down to do lists, quotes, aha moments, podcast notes, ideas and I also like to free write. For anything more scheduling and future planning related I use the Calendar app on my phone. This assessment helped me cut out the Future and Monthly Log.

Set up your Key Page

The first page is where you write down what certain symbols mean. The basics you need to know are:

Bullet Journal Key on rosiepi.com

The second set of keys are used in addition to the ones above. They are signifiers that can be used to call attention to a task or to keep track of things you want to research or expand on later. 

Bullet Journal Signifiers on rosiepi.com

The reason the bullet point is the best option for tasks is because once they convert into completed, migrated or scheduled tasks, it’s easy to turn the bullet into an “ x”, “>” or “<“ without it looking messy. Other than that, feel free to switch up the rest based on your needs.

I created a third set of keys for the activities I make sure I’m including daily and/or weekly. I can scan the week to assess how I’ve done in each category and use that to adjust accordingly.

Bullet Journal Weekly and Daily goals on rosiepi.com

Set up the Index Page

This is my favorite part. It’s pretty much the way you’ll be able to refer back to any notes, quotes, aha moments or lists you’ve made. The index page(s) are usually on the second through third page and are left blank for now. As you start writing down things you know you’ll want to refer back to, flip to your index and write down the topic and page number. This works well with Collection pages where you start a topic such as “Books I Need to Read” and keep adding more ideas as they come.

Bullet Journal Index on rosiepi.com

Start bullet journaling

I started out with writing down my January tasks. This basically was just a way to write down everything that has been floating through my head. It took a whole page and I know I won’t get it all done this month but it actually felt really good to have it all on paper rather than in my head.

Bullet Journal tasks on rosiepi.com

After that I started with my daily to do list. The night before I’ll write down what I have to do the next day. I require myself to do a minimum of 3 things, one of them being something that’s working toward my goals. Because I’m trying to make my morning ritual a habit, I write that down. Eventually when it’s a habit I won’t have to.

If something doesn’t get done, you can migrate it to another day’s to do list. If something gets moved to my Calendar app, then I mark it as scheduled. And the best suggestion from Ryan is that you can always cross things off your list if you feel that it is no longer needed.


Today I had a powerful meditation when working with my hematite stones. I had flashes of insight so I started free writing on the next blank page. I indexed the page and now I can always refer back to it if I get more clarity or if I want to blog about it later. 

Bullet Journal Free Writing on rosiepi.com

I also love the idea of keeping one of these for each year. When I get older, looking back at to do lists and quotes I liked in 2016 can be just as insightful as reading a journal entry. Plus, I’m currently craving simplicity and this hits the spot.

Life as we think about it is broken up into different categories but life as we experience it is holistic. One thing affects the other so pretending like my life has separate containers is something I’m actively unlearning. It's no accident that I found a holistic way to keep track of life and I’m so excited about it that I wanted to share it with you in hopes that it might help you feel more organized and balanced this year so that we can focus on embodying Loving Presence

Cheers to Quantum Leaps in 2016!

Happy 2016 to you, the beautiful soul reading this! The question on most of our minds is, how do we make this year great? 

By conjuring up as much love as we can NOW. Now. Now....

This year I want to try something different as far as resolutions. I want to simplify my goals under one intention: Loving Presence. 

I've received glimpses of the bliss Loving Presence can provide but the mental habit of obsessing over the past and future and what other people's opinions are have remained fairly persistent. I started thinking of ways I can keep myself in the present moment more frequently and came to three solutions: 

1. Morning ritual of meditation, creative work and moving my body to set the tone for the day. 
2. Setting my phone alarm to keep interrupting my visits to the past and future. 
3. Calendar alerts throughout the year for periodic check-ins.

If you find yourself a little overwhelmed by all you want to experience and make happen this year, I invite you to consider joining me in this simple intention. With just one thing on our daily TO DO list (morning ritual) and a little help from your cell phone (hey, an iPhone can be a spiritual tool), this can be the least stressful resolution you've had and can yield the most miracles. If we welcome 2016 by looking at each moment as an opportunity to be as present and loving as possible, I can pretty much guarantee we'll all experience expansion this year. 

I'm obsessed with the idea of quantum leaps.

They ignore chronological time restraints and "realistic" thinking. They are life-altering graduations to new experiences you couldn't even imagine before the leap. By practicing Loving Presence, we are inviting the UNIverse to deliver us those quantum leaps that lead us to feeling more fulfilled and on purpose. If enough of us practice this, not only will we all get to experience our own quantum leaps and miracles, but we possibly get to affect all of humanity and life in beautiful ways we can't even fathom.

P.S. I'm new to snapchat, can you tell? Lol


Train Your Brain

3 minute read

3 minute read

DISCLAIMER: I ran into some major resistance today. After rewriting and editing what I had worked on this week, my computer battery died before I could save the changes. Then, when doing the audio recording, I kept getting interrupted with the construction that's going on at my neighbor's house. And lastly, my browser keeps quitting while as I'm posting this. (I am literally hitting save after ever sentence.) I almost told myself that I would just finish later this weekend but I remembered that my intention is to be authentic rather than perfect with this blog. So I am posting this as is, going for a run and will get back to the art piece at a later date. Progress! xo, Rosie Pi

I had forgotten my headphones at home and I was at the Rose Bowl, about to run 3 miles. I almost drove back for them but decided to challenge myself. For me, running without music was a big deal. What was going to drown out the voices in my head saying “this is too hard… I’m ready to stop… how much longer… I can’t breathe”? I had always told myself that the only way I can run is if I have my headphones and a ratchet playlist to distract me. But that day I turned on my Nike Running app and clicked “no music”. That experience didn’t convert me into a no music runner, but it did help me realize something. 

With no distractions, I had to make a decision to not listen to the thought that said I needed to stop because I was too tired. I kept going and ran faster than I’ve ever run 3 miles. 

I was officially curious about my thoughts while running and its affects on my performance. On my next run I decided to bust out a recording I had from Erin Stutland. It was a workout meditation that had music and positive affirmations like “I am strong right now” over workout music. Forcing my brain to focus on positive thoughts about what I was doing helped me beat my time yet again. On my next run I doubled up and also listened to a hypnosis recording I have from Grace Smith on body confidence. And sure enough, I beat my time again! In one week I had shaved off almost a minute from my run and that’s a big deal for me. 

This was enough proof to me, whether we’re aware of them or not, the thoughts we have influence what we do, how we do it and even decide our limits for us. 

Affirmations are a way influence this connection in a way that serves us instead of hurts us. They are intentional positive thoughts that you train your brain to think. This goes beyond running and working out. They rewrite our subconscious so that we can accomplish what we want and be who we truly are. This leaves less room for the negative thoughts (aka the lies that we tell ourselves). When you have positive thoughts, it tends to lead to positive outcomes. Luckily for us, we can start affirming things in our life at this very moment and here are some tips on helping you do just that:

1. Set your affirmation. 

    Affirmations are positive statements set in the present. “I am X.” vs “I want to be X”. It can also be a question. “How can I be more X?” This trick helps because it assumes you’re already whatever you want to be and you’re just finding more ways to be just that. 

2.   Act as if.

    Belief and action go hand in hand. Think about your affirmation and ask what actions you would take if this were true. Take those actions. The acting as if strengthens your beliefs and eventually even the actions become easier.

3.  Do it until you believe it. 

    Just like working out, you won’t see results unless you keep doing the exercises. As we affirm the changes we want to make and take action toward those changes, our beliefs start changing and then we hit that sweet spot where things seem effortless.  

In addition to using affirmations while running, I am also beginning to implement them in other aspects of my life. I truly believe that it’s what’s helping me put myself out there week after week with this passion project of mine and I hope that this story will encourage you to affirm positivity in your life as well. 

I don't have a music mantra for you this week but, since we're on the topic, I wanted to share one of my favorite running songs with you. I've realized I can run to this while I do my affirmations. Best of both worlds. :)

Guilt Trippin'

2 minute read

2 minute read

“I feel bad.” 

Unfortunately these 3 words come out of my mouth more often than I’d like to admit. I be guilt trippin’. If you're like me, most of the time we feel bad about things that are ridiculous, and other times we feel guilty for falling short of our being best selves.

But regardless, forgiveness is the space where that unwanted situation can transform into a blessing. And who doesn’t want that? 

At it’s best function guilt can help us learn from our mistakes so that we don’t repeat the past.  But when we use it as more than a learning tool, we corrupt that function by missing the lesson and getting stuck in the past, reinforcing the transgression.

Peace, self-acceptance, and love are all waiting for us NOW while we’re busy should-ing all over ourselves about the past.

What worry is to the future, guilt is to the past. Essentially we're allowing our present experience to be dominated by something that doesn’t even exist anymore… we are keeping it alive in our heads. Forgiveness essentially means being present and in this space, everything drops and all we're left with is the opportunity to choose better in this situation.

Guilt gives us the false promise of feeling better about the situation. 

We think if I feel bad enough than the feeling will go away, right? Nope. The only way out of this one is self forgiveness. But how exactly do you self forgive and quit the “I feel bad” habit?  Unfortunately there’s no forgiveness patch that we can just slap on so here are 3 tools: 

  • Gain perspective

Start with recognizing that our guilt serves no one, not even the very people we feel bad about doing or not doing whatever we did or didn’t do to them.

  • Forgive others

Most of us are harder on ourselves than we are on other people. If you’re able to forgive others, you’ll find it easier to forgive yourself. Do it out of self interest if needed, but start forgiving.

  • Realize the lesson

Ask yourself, if there was a lesson here, what would it be? When you learn the lesson, everything that you experienced will make sense and you’ll be able to choose better. 

Remember that self forgiveness is not a one time deal. Kyle Gray reminds us that forgiveness is a state of being that you keep coming back to when you steer off the path.

Music Mantra:

Steer the course, make a way. And come ashore on a greater day. 

Long As My Witches Love Me

For all of you who feel Halloween snuck up on you and you’re caught without a costume (again), I’ve got the perfect idea to get you out of this yearly dilemma…

Wear black, claim your inner witch and call it a day.

I know witches are portrayed as old, single and angry - the opposite of what the world has taught us we have to be in order to have worth. But this stereotype has been reinforced as a way to weaken what the witch really represents: a woman that’s in touch with her magical powers and uses her connection with nature, feminine energies and the spiritual to manifest with love. 

In honor of embracing our inner witch, I want to share a magical power I recently became aware of that we all possess and that you can start practicing today: 

I can transform you by seeing the best in you.

This is true of people and situations. Our connection to Source (what Wayne Dyer describes as Sourcery) is what gives us the magic wand, a straight and direct line from the heavens. The spell is cast when, as Marianne Williamson describes, we look past the clouds (the physical evidence), knowing that beyond them there is a light that is forever present. In people, it is their soul; in situations, it is the best possible outcome.

When you allow your third eye to focus on the potential of a person or situation and you filter your interactions with them with that in mind, you'll be using your magical powers to transform that person or situation for the better, however subtle or obvious it may be. 

When we look beyond what our physical eyes are showing us and know there is a deeper Truth, we often find love, compassion and non-judgement. When those feelings appear it makes the ground fertile for someone’s potential to grow. Yes, we have free will but you can’t deny that when a person sees the best in you, the best in you comes out. 

Modern day magic. 

Music Mantra:

We born whole. 

How To Increase Your OFFline Presence

One of the first times I had considered the idea of presence was when I picked up Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. Like the loyal Oprah groupie that I am, I bought it to keep up with her book club and well, I got like a chapter in and my head hurt. Huh? Wait. What? I think I get it… wait no… let me re-read that. Fast forward to a few years later into my spiritual practice and I devoured it and it spoke to me.

It had me realizing I had the key to life... if I could actually do it. 

Being present to our life is not a concept that can be really understood with the mind. In fact, that's the whole idea, that we are not our thoughts and that we are much, much, MUCH greater than our minds. I still live in my head but more and more I am able to disrupt that with presence, which is pretty much like hitting the refresh button on life.

I highly recommend Eckhart’s writings but as a starting point I decided it would be more effective to illustrate via an infographic so that you can visualize the concept. Below I also outline some mini-meditations Mr. Tolle shared in a podcast that will help you create spaces of presence… 

Mini meditations to step out of excessive thinking:

  1. One Breath:  Breathe in, breathe out and start to become aware of the moments in between each breath. When you are focusing on your breath, your awareness shifts from the past and future to the present because it can’t do both at the same time.
  2. The 5 Senses:  With any activity that you do often that is a means to an end, start to engage as many senses as possible. Say you are washing your dishes… instead of thinking of all you have to do after, notice the water falling on your hands, smell the soap, hear the splashing of the water or any other sounds, etc. 
  3. Inner Body:  Focus on the energy and aliveness pulsing through your body, one body part at a time. Place your awareness on your hand. What does it feel like inside? Notice the buzzing, tingling, warmth or vibration. Then move that awareness to the arm and keep going. 

Notes to Self and my Goddess Gang

So, I’m a little late posting this week (“late” according to the deadline I set for myself) due to two things: 1 - Writer’s block 2 - Inspiration for the featured graphic came before I started writing.

I have a couple of drafts I could’ve finished up to post on time but they didn’t feel right this week. I would start typing, erase, type, erase - the electronic version of crumbling up your paper and tossing it - and was making no progress. I took a break and watched the Dr. Christiane Northrup interview with Oprah and at some point she said our relationships with women are important. All of a sudden “goddess gang” flashed into my head. I wasn’t sure how to expand on this in writing so I decided to start on the graphic first.

Even though I believe they are both equally important in regards to my vision, the graphic side always feels more playful. And it felt even more so when I decided to go old school and sketch it out first. I had to pull out my art kit (wee!), grab my Blackwing pencil and Micron pen (double wee!) and even though I was working, I immediately felt like I was procrastinating.

How strange that my brain registered fun and immediately ruled out the idea that I could actually be productive.

So here are some notes to self (and you) to keep in mind while creating: 

Note #1: When you’re working on a dream, it doesn't feel like work. But this is ONLY true if you allow yourself to enjoy it! If you're working on a dream that your prior self would be BLOWN AWAY by, then allow yourself to be blown away. While we shouldn’t live in the past, it's OK to revisit for some perspective of where we're at right now.

Be grateful instead of ruining it with unnecessary stress. 

Fast forward to today, I finished the graphic and then attempted to start writing but my ideas were jumping all over the place and I felt like I was trying to force a subject based on my cute lil design. So I took a break to eat dinner and came back to my computer to find my fingers typing away bullet points because I didn’t want to forget the ideas that were coming to me.

Note #2: Breaks lead to breakthroughs. Notice I've mentioned taking 2 breaks so far and what immediately came after those breaks were the ideas that I'd been forcing myself to come up with on demand. When you are hitting those walls, think of it as cue to stop what you're doing and allow your brain to do something else. Contrary to how it feels, you may actually be more productive with more breaks.

On the flip side, inspiration can be a delicate thing, so honor it when it comes and try to stay receptive for as long as it stays. 

The idea of writing a post about how I struggled to write and the lessons I learned from that came at the perfect moment. Ideally I would've liked it to come earlier this week but there is NO WAY I could have written this exact piece without facing those blocks. I had to work with inspiration’s timing instead of my own timeline.

Note #3: When something doesn’t go according to plan, you have to trust. Whether it be on a small scale like a blog post or something much greater, the intelligence that shapes our lives is always on time. Yes, the Universe conspires with you to get you to your vision but remember that the plans we lay out to get there aren’t always in line with the Universe’s plans. The Universe has a much bigger perspective so it knows the best way to get us there and the right time to arrive.

Keep the vision, trust the path.

All week I'd been looking, reading, watching in hopes to find inspiration but this week, the inspiration came from my own creative experience. I found the flow when I allowed myself to just share instead of overthink. That evolved into sharing the lessons that had presented themselves - because every obstacle is a potential lesson. And if I had to learn the lesson, I thought maybe you might too.

Note #4: Ideas grow stronger when they are shared. When I think about the idea of “supporting your local goddess gang”, the best way we can do that is to share our struggles and the lessons we learn so that we can connect and learn from each other. I may have no idea what you're going through but it's my sincere hope that something resonated with you and is an idea that will help you as you work toward your own vision.

I hope that by sharing my experiences, that I am somehow supporting you, my goddess gang. 

Music mantra:

Since knowledge is infinite, it has infinitely fell on me.

Pictures of the creative process... :)

A Guide for the Spiritual Fashionista

Fashion and spirituality aren't subjects most of us think go hand in hand. Our “spiritual ego”, as I like to call it, likes to separate what it considers “spiritual”, put it on a pedestal and then look down upon anything that doesn’t fit into this world.

But what I’ve learned is that everything is spiritual - it’s just a matter of looking at it from a different perspective.

In the case of fashion, it could be considered a superficial and very ego-centric industry and I’m sure most of us could find plenty of proof that this is the “truth.” But as someone that's working in the industry, I've found plenty of evidence that fashion’s core essence is divine and responds to our yearning for self-expression. I've also met loving and generous artists that express themselves through designing and an array of talented people that are living their dharma through the industry.

If you are struggling between merging your namaste life with your fashionista tendencies, I put together a list of some spiritual approaches to fashion:

1. Regularly purge your closet

Clutter can lead to energy blocks so make sure you keep the flow going, even in your closet. As much as we like to believe we “need” something, we don’t. Point blank period. If you haven’t worn something in a while and you don’t get excited to put it on anymore, it's time to release it to another owner who will rediscover the magic in it. Whether you do it every season or every year, make sure that you stay consistent.

2. Buy something / Get rid of something

Along with the previous idea, when you add to your closet, it’s a good idea to subtract. Life is about the balance of giving and receiving, so a new piece in your collection is a great reminder to pass something along. Not only will it keep you fresh, but you will give someone the opportunity to enjoy that piece that you’ve already enjoyed. Implementing this strategy also reminds us to be good stewards of our belongings.

3. Invest in quality pieces

Zara is my guilty pleasure but I admit that their pieces aren’t the highest vibe pieces. Fast fashion is controversial because of the pollution and bad working conditions attached to it. While I know that it’s not that easy to exclusively buy items that don’t fall into this category, we can slowly start to shift the amount of pieces we own that will last us a long time and will not have to be tossed after a few washes.

4. Shop with intention

Before you go off on a shopping spree to make yourself feel better, make sure to take a pause and remind yourself that nothing material can ever fill a void. Set your intention before you go so that anything you buy will serve you in a positive way. Do you tend to avoid attention because you are afraid of being seen? Go buy that bold lipstick and wear it as practice to feel joy with being seen. The power of intention is magical and can transform a shopping trip into another way to aid your growth.

5. Think outside the mall

I grew up as a mall going Valley Girl so when I discovered all the exciting ways to shop that didn’t include Mrs. Field Cookies, it opened up a whole new world for me:

  • Consignment, second-hand and vintage stores are perfect places to find gems that aren’t widely available anymore. Shopping takes on a sense of adventure and discovery when you find something that fits great, has been something you’ve been eyeing or is in great condition and significantly less than retail. It also helps to reduce the damage that the fashion industry is responsible for. Shop green!
  • Ebay and apps like Tradesy give you the benefits of shopping pre-loved and new items from the comfort of your own home. I see eBay as the modern day barter system. Sure, money is the still the currency but you can sell some items that you're clearing out of closet to make room for the ones you're purchasing from another eBay seller. Win win!
  • Boutiques, whether brick & mortar or online, are run by amazing entrepreneurs that are passionate about what they sell and are taking a chance in building their own businesses. Especially as an entrepreneur, supporting small businesses when you can is just good karma. Places like Etsy do all the digging for you so that you can stay on one platform and shop one-of-a-kind, handmade, high vibe pieces from artists around the world. Remember, abundance starts with giving (and you can’t deny what you are getting from these amazing designers!)
  • Products with meaning and messages that align with you make for a great purchases because they are infused with the kind of energy you want to surround yourself with. Whether they are cruelty-free beauty products or Truth Bomb jewelry collaborations by Danielle LaPorte, your purchases are energized with the intention behind the product.

Keep in mind that fashion is neutral and it is up to us to decide how we are going to relate to it. When I dress in a way that feels genuine and good to me, I can show up so much more authentically than I would if I denied that cute shoes make me happy.

When we use fashion to be more of ourselves, fashion is magic. 

Music mantra:

"Girl I promise you, no substitutes. It's just me."

AHA Moments While Watching the Bruce Jenner Interview

Ok, I know I’m not the only one that cried while watching the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer, right? By the time I had the chance to sit down and watch it, the interview had already broken the internet so I wasn’t necessarily shocked to hear Bruce Jenner say he was a woman. While my jaw did actually drop in some parts, what I was not expecting was the flood of compassion I felt for someone I had never really given much thought to before. And what stayed with me was something beyond that.

From the very beginning of the interview, when he took that long pause knowing that it was going to be difficult, I instantly got nervous for him. There he was, facing a moment that he had probably been dreading and looking forward to at the same time. After being in the public eye most of his adult life, Bruce Jenner was finally going to allow us to see who he truly was. For more than an hour I was glued to the TV and not because of curiosity (which admittedly was the reason I watched it in the first place) but because the interview was provoking many aha moments.

The biggest AHA moment was the realization of just how damaging society’s divisions are.

With race, if you aren’t part of the “minority” then you don’t have to think about race. It’s called white privilege and something I know very intimately because I don't have it. But I do have another kind of privilege that I had not truly acknowledged until I saw this interview, the privilege transgender communities know too well. If your relationship to your gender is one of the two that society (aka you, me, our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances, etc.) has deemed “natural”, then you have the privilege of not having to think about this every day of your life. Also, like many, I have often put gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender in the same category out of naivety without really stopping to think that sexual desire and gender are two different things.

Mother nature is obviously showing us that there is so much more variety and the only reason this is confusing and upsetting to some people is that we believed for so long that there were only two ways to be in the world: a feminine heterosexual woman or a masculine heterosexual man.

Bruce admitted that throughout his life he would look at other men and women and think how lucky they were to feel comfortable in their own skin, and there he was in the middle, not knowing which way to go. It made me wonder how much of that confusion comes from our society’s (again, not some group of people “out there” but made up by ALL OF US) confining definition of man and woman. I wonder if we stressed humanity above gender and acknowledged that we come in all varieties, if a man with a feminine soul could live and feel accepted in the body he was born into? In no way am I informed enough to comment on whether it's a good idea to have surgery to change your gender (because I have NO idea), but it did make me think about how simplified we think about gender and how people like Bruce break all those categories.

Instead of making people fit into society, why don't we allow society to conform to people?

Thousands of transgender people face discriminationviolencemurder and suicide for not fitting into the way we think people should be in the world - another thing I knew but did not really sink in until I heard it on the interview. Jenner had contemplated suicide himself when he thought the paparazzi had found out his secret, so it was extremely powerful to hear the message from Bruce’s mom saying “I never thought I could be more proud of Bruce when he reached his goal in 1976, but I'm more proud of him now. It takes a lot of courage to do what he's doing” (btw, major tear-jerker moment for me). I couldn’t agree more. Now, more than ever, he is that champ on that Wheaties box.

 Vulnerability takes courage and that's the only way to let people connect to who you truly are.

While our “secrets” and what we hide from others may not be Diane Sawyer (or Oprah) interview worthy, it's a reminder that whatever you're scared of as far as other people’s reactions does not compare to the isolation that comes from living life not letting people see who you truly are. And the more authentic we can be with each other, the more connected we'll feel.  Thank you Bruce, for being a brave soul not only for the transgender community, but for all of us that have been inspired by your vulnerability. I truly hope that you will be okay, Bruce.

Side note: I know some were skeptical about his intentions with this interview but I think it’s because it’s more comfortable for us to believe that someone wants attention than it is to believe that we don’t truly know people unless they allow us to know them. Plus the media, paparazzi and all of us consuming it, had no problem invading his privacy before he was ready to tell us but then when he tells us, it’s for the money and the fame? Think about it.