The Universe Voted for Us

Rosie Pi - Post Election Feels.PNG

Coming out of the fog of the election and these are my feelings…

From our perspective, this is sooo backwards… but from many others’ perspective, this is exactly what America needed. 

How do we make sense of this split?

We are ALL coming from our own perceptions based on the body we were born into, the experiences we’ve had, our education, the people we know and love, etc. Those perceptions influence our sense of what is right and wrong and what’s important or not, in the physical world. 

We have to step out of our perception to understand what's happening.

Not everyone can do that right now but for those of us that have been touched by the Truth, that we are One, we must start acting and living according to that Truth. Even more now.

You know who you are if you hear the call. We aren't going to be perfect but we are being asked to strive to be better than we’ve been before. 

And think about it… if Clinton would’ve won, we might’ve all been temporarily relieved just a teeny tiny bit but there'd STILL be work left to do that can only happen through the people. She was not meant to rescue us. If anything, Trump is motivating us to move. And so spiritually, I thank Clinton and Trump for their role in this incarnation.

I’d also like to point out, especially to all my sisters, that although many of us thought the rise of the feminine was going to be marked by a female president, it’s being delivered to us in a way that we didn’t expect. In my humble opinion, the role to usher in the Feminine is OURS to step into. 

The Universe voted and it is US who got elected on Tuesday.

The Feminine must no longer adapt to the Masculine. Trying to create change through the same system and playing by the same rules won’t get us far. This election has disrupted our realities and now we must redirect to a new, feminine way of co-operating with all living beings. Let's do it in our OWN way…

By remembering WHO WE ARE.

By acknowledging and accepting present moment.

By cultivating love that doesn’t stop with disagreement.

By listening both to our own higher guidance and the “other”.

By acting from a space of connection with the Earth and each other.

I am letting myself be transformed by the pain, compassion, confusion, and love with the knowing that so many of you are too. We are already transforming the world in a different, subtle and powerful way.

I love you… I really do. 

Music Mantra:

I was reborn, when I was broken. 

The Seeds: A Short Story on Enjoying Your “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing with my life” phase

You arrive home one day and realize someone has left 5 individual envelopes of seeds at your door. Each one is labeled “Love”, “Peace”, “Abundance”, “Freedom” and “Joy” but there isn’t a picture on any of them. You take one envelope and read the back… 

Plant these seeds today. Water them everyday. They are guaranteed to grow, but you won’t be able to see them sprout until you start believing. TIP: You can speed up the process by enjoying watering them everyday (the seeds will know). Oh, and Miracle Grow will kill them so don’t try that. ;) 

You look around, trying to see if anyone is messing with you. You have to admit, you’re super intrigued by the mystery of it all and decide to give it a shot. Not wasting any time getting your hands on a shovel, you start digging with you bare hands. The moist soil feels cool to your warm hands and you get a rush of energy, thinking of what each package can potentially grow into and wondering what they'll look like! 


A thought flashes through your head at that exact moment and you realize that not having a picture on the package of seeds was intentional.

It doesn't matter what they'll look like, as long as I get to grow love, peace, abundance, freedom and joy. That is #goals.

You decide to take advantage of this unusual joy radiating out of you and water your seeds for the first time. You know your baby seeds are growing. 



A few weeks pass, and although you started to see some baby sprouts poking out of the soil, you are getting impatient with the pace. You admit to yourself that there were some days you definitely were not enjoying the watering part and even some days you completely forgot.


Your mind continues to wander as you stare at the baby sprouts…

This does NOT look like abundance. Shouldn’t it have more leaves on it? Shouldn’t it be bigger by now?

You realize this is making the sprouts shrink into the ground. 

Oh shit!

You stop the train of thought and go inside to distract yourself. 



A few days pass and you’ve meditated and re-centered yourself. You feel good and decide to read the instructions again. “They are guaranteed to grow” you read again and again, thinking it's a bold statement to make about everything you desire. It's hard to believe that you can easily grow things you see most people are lacking. Why would you or these seeds be any different? Then you realize it's more simple than you think... 

Of course! If I water something everyday, how could it not grow?? Duh!

All of a sudden, the excitement comes back and you get back on your daily watering schedule. 

To be continued….

(Actually not, really)

Here’s the spoiler:

The seeds grew. They grew into creations bigger, more vibrant, and more alive than anything you could've imagined.

They brought more than enough love, peace, freedom, abundance and joy, not only for you, but enough to share with the people you love and even people you don't even know.

You later learned you've had those seeds since before you were born... you just happened to notice them that magical day at your door. 

Moral(s) of the Story:

  • You will grow what you water; so water what you love, not what you fear. 
  • Embrace that whatever "it" is will look different (and probably better) than you imagined.
  • And lastly, don’t let your impatience with the tiny sprout phase stop you from watering everything you wish for yourself and those you love.

Music Mantra:

I've poured my faith on it. 





Love is God

A thought break

Think about those precious, precious people in your life. Imagine their faces. Feel their energy. Tap into the overflow you feel coming from your heart for these beautiful beings. They are your portal. Now gently travel through it to focus purely on the love emanating from you. Take your time...... soak it in...... and once you feel it's infinite nature, bow to what's inside you. Love is our deepest source. It's Who we are. What we are. Where we are. When we are. Why we are. 

Love is God. 

Music Mantra:

Head up high, I look to the light. 

Drink the Lemonade

Rosie Pi - Spiritual meaning of Lemonade

All the feels were felt on Saturday night when I watched Beyonce’s Lemonade premiere on HBO. 

There are so many layers to this visual album, I could’ve written a dissertation on it… from its genre transcending sound, to its championing of Black Feminism, to its representation of the Black Lives Matter movement, to its odes to Yoruba traditions, to its feature of Warsan Shire’s word artistry, to its honest addressing of infidelity, and much more… I wouldn’t know where to start. 

But what I’m most inspired to share is my spiritual interpretation of the emotional stages presented in this piece of art by Beyonce.

On the album we go on a journey through the (apparent) relationship of Bey and Jay, but really, so (so) many relationships. It starts with intuition… 


Featuring “Pray You Catch Me”

Rosie Pi - Pray You Catch Me / Lemonade

The power of communication lies in vulnerability.

This whole album is Beyonce's personal demonstration of the power of vulnerability, starting from this track through the last. Through her art she has communicated a perspective that has reached many hearts. In this opening song we hear one of the underlying themes of the album that demonstrates the Divine Feminine's desire to heal the Wounded Masculine through communication. True communication requires vulnerability so that the other person can share in your perspective. When this vulnerability isn't being offered to your love, it starts to suck the life out of the relationship. Not knowing what's going on in your partner's inner world makes you feel uneasy and shut out and they feel the same when you shut down. We feel the desire she has to connect to someone that is physically close but mentally somewhere far away.


Featuring “Hold Up”

Rosie Pi - Hold Up / Lemonade

Relationships are "hospitals for the soul."

Channeling the spirit of Oshun, Beyonce brings a gush of water and destroys anything in her path, with some amused onlookers cheering her on. She is frustrated with feeling the worst pain from the one who is supposed to love her the most. Relationships being the hospitals of the soul is an idea Marianne Williamson first introduced me to about why we treat the ones we love the most, the worst. It is because we've forgotten the purpose of the relationship. Relationships are the mechanism in which we reach our Highest Potential. They are made to be the place where all our shit comes out. Our triggers that were created in our childhood are supposed to be provoked by our soulmates so that we can be aware of them and purify ourselves of them. But since most of us aren't enlightened yet, we start to see our trigger-provoker as the enemy instead of our greatest teacher. Although this does not justify cheating, it does point to why so many relationships face this betrayal. If we are looking to our partners to fill a void and all that partner is doing is making you more aware of that void, you may start seeing it as a failing relationship rather than recognizing that it's doing exactly what it's supposed to for the benefit of all. 


Featuring “Don’t Hurt Yourself” 

Rosie Pi - Don't Hurt Yourself / Lemonade

Nothing ever leaves its source. 

My ego loved this badass line but at the same time my higher self recognized that there was a deeper spiritual interpretation at play here. A Course in Miracles (ACIM) states that that any energy that we put "out there" stays with us, the creator of the energy. We feel the energy longer and stronger than whoever we intended it for. So even though we may feel justified in our desire to hurt others the way we’ve been hurt by them, this would be perpetuating the cycle of hurt. The remedy? Self love. Once you stop looking at your partner as the person that's supposed to love you hard enough to make you love yourself, you make room for recognizing that you are Love because our creator is Love. As the Universe would so perfectly coordinate it, when Beyonce sangs "when you love me, you love God herself", it divinely demonstrates our intimate relationship with our Source. Just like the energy we create doesn't leave us, we, as creations of Love, don't leave our Source either. Once this sinks in deep enough, self love is a given.



Rosei Pi - Sorry / Lemonade

Family and friends are angels. 

As Beyonce's signature "girl power anthem" of the album played, my heart still racing from the shock of how personal the album was so far (and continued to be), I was reminded that having family and friends that have your back no matter what is sometimes the closest thing to unconditional love that we will get to experience - and how lucky if we do get to experience that kind of love. When we are heartbroken we need to lean on our family and friends to lessen the energetic burden. They remind you that you are powerful and amazing, with or without him or her. To see yourself through their loving eyes is a very healing part of the journey. And what they will remind you is that part of that healing sometimes requires that we step away from the relationship (boy bye) in order to gain clarity to decide if you want to keep it that way... or not (boy hi). Additionally the visuals to this song show a bus ride that can be seen as a symbol for the transformation we go through after life's heartbreak, along with the angels assist us in getting there. 


Featuring “6 Inch”

Rosie Pi - 6 inch / Lemonade

You have free will but you are here to reach Enlightenment. 

This bump-in-the-club track's stand-out line came in the last two words… “come back.” Don't get me wrong, Weeknd + Yonce make some of the best ear candy but what stood out to me the most was that regardless of the grind she loves and all the money that goes along with it, in the end she remains energetically tied to her husband because the lesson remains unrecognized. Because we have free will have the freedom to make any choice but our life lessons will remain in the background and will not go away until we acknowledge them and give them our time and attention. When distractions run out we're pulled back to "do the work" because there is something yet to be healed. And if you don't learn and heal with this partner, you will see the same patterns in the next where we get another opportunity to reach Enlightenment. 


Featuring “Daddy Lessons” 

Rosie Pi - Daddy Lessons / Lemonade

Heal the root to save the branch. 

In a bittersweet track, Beyonce sings about all her dad did in order to toughen her up while growing up but also highlights his inability to save her from men like himself. He warned her not through his words, but most likely through his actions. We are drawn to the conclusion that she married a man with the same shortcomings as her father. Once she sees this connection she becomes empowered to save her marriage by getting to the root of the problem. Recognizing the aspects of our childhood that we need to heal is the most efficient way to grow. Instead of focusing on the symptoms of the problem, we go directly to the root that's causing all the pain. As discussed in Denial, our childhood will most like resurface with any relationship issues because that's where they're supposed to be safe to come up. Don't judge them, just love them. (Talk to them with the same love Blue talks to B at the end :) )


Featuring “Love Drought”

Rosie Pi - Love Drought / Lemonade

"Remove the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence." - ACIM

The storm has passed, Bey has been baptized and is seeing her world through new eyes. Compassion enters the picture after she sees her wounds and subsequently his wounds. They are in tune with the purpose of the relationship and recognize that they have the power to lift the blocks and stop the drought. The blocks they had to love have washed away with her tears (and Oshun's powerful waters). As they come back together after this healing the relationship is more powerful. They can move mountains with their love now that it's not diluted with fear. We often get caught up in seeking love outside of ourselves, basing this search on the false illusion that we must find love. The Reality is that Love is always there and if we dont feel it it's because we're failing to tune into it.  


Featuring “Sand Castles”

Rosie Pi - Sand Castles / Lemonade

When life give you lemons, forgiveness is the lemonade. 

I think this is the most important lesson of the album. It almost feels like the internet stopped listening to the album early and missed this entire part. This song circles back to the theme of the Divine Feminine healing through witnessing and loving the wounds of her love. The Divine Feminine is able to perform alchemy on pain through forgiveness. What does forgiveness look like? Is it an instant sweep of love that helps you forget the past? Is it a green light to being walked all over again? For anyone that has ever forgiven or tried to forgive, we know that it does not happen overnight but that it’s a moment to moment practice. Recommitting to forgiveness is the essence of forgiveness and it’s the only path to eventually experiencing that sweep of love where the pain turns to joy. 


Featuring “Forward” 

Rosie Pi - Forward / Lemonade

For a better future, live in the present.

This short but sweet James Blake-assisted track says it all in the first word: Forward. Rehashing any transgressions over and over (and over) again keeps you from moving forward. Forgiveness can only happen in the present moment when we’re not reviving our hurts. It may seem like we need to keep reviving so that it won't happen again but we overlook the fact that reviving the pain keeps us in it. Going forward requires approaching a relationship in a different way from the way its been approached. 


Featuring “Freedom”

Rosie Pi - Freedom / Lemonade

We are infinite. 

Queen B and King Kendrick bring us the hope of liberation both from global and personal chains in this powerful track. The tone? Imma keep fighting for myself, my marriage and the Black community. There's a lot to be said for perseverance while living on this planet. Things don't always feel fair here. The trick is to witness the pain or injustice through the eyes of our infinite nature. This guarantees that we'll be operating from a higher love-based perspective where new possibilities show up that we couldn't imagine from a lower, fear-based perspective.


Featuring “All Night”

Rosie Pi - All Night / Lemonade

Only Love is Real. Nothing Real can be threatened. 

Bey's love for Jay is healing. She has seen him at his worst and her love has become their unshakable foundation. This love runs deep because this love is the same love we receive from God herself. ACIM says that knowing WHO you are is your power. WHO you are means knowing your Source. When you are operating from the knowingness that we are connected to Pure Love we embody it and bring it into our relationships. Miracles can't help but happen when we're in that space.  There is no room for fear and from this perspective only does our love become unconditional. And what we give is what we experience.

Lemonade goes beyond the cheater - victim dichotomy to demonstrate the subtleties, nuances, rollercoaster of emotions and, ultimately, beauty of relationships.

I've been drinking my daily lemon water for it's healing benefits. This album feels just as healing for many of us who have feared or experienced a form of betrayal. Through her vulnerability we have witnessed Beyonce perform alchemy on her pain, knowing we can do the same.

Drink the lemonade, it's good for you.

P.S. We’re missing the entire point when we harass Rachel Roy, btw. 

Gratitude is Not What You Think


It's What You Feel...

I had a pretty consistent gratitude journal for about 2 years. Today I stored it away with my other past journals, ready to be cracked open and devoured like my favorite book when I’m about 80. There were plenty of blank pages left to be grateful but here’s a shortened version of why I’m letting the practice go for now…

When I first started I wanted to fill it from cover to cover with the sweetness of my life.

I would open it up, think about what good things had happened TO me that day or how I blessed I was for xyz in my life and would write it down. (Yay life!)

Then slowly it started to shift into writing down the insights I was having during the day, thanking the Universe for sending me these intuitive gifts. (Good things happening IN me… even better!)

Eventually I started incorporating the events that weren’t happy and good, knowing that as a spiritual student I should be grateful for all growth. I would think to myself, be thankful you’re growing. (Yay life?)

And when I would forget to write in it a day or two, my slightly obsessive self would go back and fill in what I think I was grateful for three days ago… just to keep it consistent, ya know? (Btw, I try not to call myself OCD after that GIRLS episode - it ain’t no joke.) 

Yup, it was like that and even though I believed I was doing all I could to practice gratitude, I was missing the core of it. 

The main problem was that my head was doing most of the journaling.

Sure, once I started to write it sparked feelings and flutters and silent thank YOU’s, but my approach left my heart on the sideline for the most part. 

It was a good start but now I’ve sunken into a deeper understanding of gratitude, maybe one that I won't completely be able to communicate just yet but one that I feel pulled to express to you.  

Gratitude isn’t something that you can think your way into or even put into words sometimes.

What I have come to understand is that gratitude is allowing yourself to feel life with a knowingness that you are love so that all is well no matter what it looks like (pause and let that sink in). 

It is a formless energy that brings you awareness of the gifts that are right in front of you at all times. When we are fully loving, without the walls, we are being grateful. Gratitude is being awe-struck by life. It’s being truly happy that you exist.

The trust that you are Always - that you have no end.

When we simultaneously feel a deep inner “thaaaaank you” and “you’re so so welcome”, we are at the peak of gratitude, knowing that all we receive is what we can give and all we give is what we can receive. 

This is the stuff of miracles. This is where divine magic happens. Let’s live life in the beautiful energy that is gratitude. Let gratitude be how we perceive life.

May these words skip their trip to your brain and go straight to your heart…

***The fine print here is that you have to feel it in the present moment because, unlike the brain, that’s the only place your heart can be. When I was journaling I was trying to tap into the feeling after the fact through my brain but it is much more effective and efficient to let your heart feel it while it is happening. 

Music Mantra:

What it all comes down to is that 

everything's gonna be fine fine fine.






Heaven on Earth

I experienced heaven the other day and I didn't have to die. 

I was walking to get breakfast thinking that 1 - I should’ve worn a bra 2 - I hope no creepy guys are looking at me 3 - maybe I should’ve drove — a “shhh” interrupted my stream of thoughts. I literally shush myself when I realize I need to think other thoughts because the current ones aren’t helping. My thoughts were starting to bring up the anxiety I get with creepy unwanted attention and I knew I had to shift in order to enjoy this walk. 

As soon as I decided to, I experienced a miracle.

A miracle, as A Course in Miracles teaches, is a shift in perspective from fear to love. All of a sudden I realized that I was a part of the hustle and bustle of the city and not separate from it - and certainly not the center of attention. It’s not Rosie walking down the street (hesitantly) freeing the nipple while the rest of the world was there to creep her out, it’s LIFE expressing itself as Rosie, as the two amigas walking ahead laughing at an inside joke, as the guy stepping on his breaks so we can cross the street. I became aware of being in the city on that particular day, in that particular moment and how we were all heading somewhere and all playing our part in this world. I then became aware of the trees that were a part of this collective and the shade that they were providing. Pretty much, I realized we are all one. ONE. The peak of this idea lasted half a second but it was enough to leave me with this insight…

Through our thoughts we can access heaven.

This realization of our onenesss is the realization of heaven. Growing up I thought heaven was “up there” somewhere, but if God/Love is infinite then actually heaven is everywhere you are because there is no place where infinity is not. It’s right here, right now, all the damn time. The only difference is that we’re in a body and we tend to pay more attention to the physical realm than the realm of Love, where all is well exactly as it is. But on that day, crossing the street, I realized this is heaven and I can access it at anytime - I just have look for the connection and wholeness of a moment. The realization that regardless of creepy guys or not, I’m NOT the center of attention like my ego likes to believe, is so comforting to an introvert like me. Oneness consciousness helps you feel connection and love for the collective rather than limit it to the people you happen to know (and like). You, reading this. You are me. I am you. Our source is the same. I guess we just got a whole bunch of bodies in order to get shit done on this floating thing we call earth. 

Heaven is here. It’s all love, all the time. We just have to know that and then act from that space in order to experience it while we’re still in these bodies. How amazing is that?

“Rather than finding heaven on Earth, we are asked to release heaven on Earth by living” - Mark Nepo

I Love Lamp

I love lamp FINAL.gif

"God's love is the electricity but we must be the lamps. The only love that saves is the love that is applied." - Marianne Williamson

We often get caught up in our egos thinking that it’s us that has to find out how to chase our dreams and change the world (at the same damn time). We have to come up with a detailed plan for our lives and follow it thoroughly because that’s what responsible adults do, right? Well, this is what A Course in Miracles calls arrogance.

What is true humility then? Trusting in a higher power to lead us there instead. Our jobs are to be open vessels so that love’s energy can course through us. This is what meditation and living in the present moment helps us do. When I start getting anxious that I don’t have my life figured out, I remind myself that I am the lamp and my job is to allow God’s loving energy to move through me. I have a voice to speak Love’s message and hands to do Love’s work. This is our job. Be the lamp.

P.S. I love lamp (aka you).

Music Mantra:

I only see one thing
In this world that I need
No war coming from me
Just want the love's chemistry
Good vibes and energy

Resurrecting Mighty Aphrodite (part 3): Having It All

Mighty Aphrodite (part 3): Have It All by Rosie Pi

In some utopian future, I’m an enlightened artist doing some sort of spiritual work, traveling the world with my husband, raising indigo children like Willow Smith and riding through the city in my Tesla. The idealist dreamer in me gets excited until “realistic” Rosie pops in and asks, “can I really have it all?” Most of us have wondered this and haven’t really come up with an answer that’s satisfying. But as I’ve learned from the Aphrodite Training, you get deeper (and more satisfying) answers when you ask deeper questions. 

As I looked through my notes for this last post on the Resurrecting Mighty Aphrodite series, I came across this quote:

 “You can have anything that you embody.” - Marianne Williamson

At first, my brain went down the list of what would comprise my version of “all”. I concluded that I can have abundance if I embody abundance. I can have creativity if I embody creativity. Sounds nice but what does that really mean? And what does that look like in my day to day life? I realized my list was a looong list that continuously expanded and it seemed overwhelming to have to embody it all. Again, I fell into the compartmentalization hole and even though I wanted to believe we can have it all, it wasn’t looking good. 

But then it clicked… the deeper question is: How do you define your “all?” And the deeper answer is that there’s only one thing that can replace “all” in my life and that is Love.

If I can EMBODY love I will experience love. And when I really thought about it, that’s really what I’m seeking with all my superficial obsessions. With love, not only will we have it all, we will be it all. If God is Love, then that is the ultimate aspiration that checks off our whole list in one word. This doesn’t necessarily mean that my life will look a certain way. I may not end up happily married with kids, in a dream career, filthy rich, perfectly healthy and always happy.  I may experience all those at different times or not at all. 

But if I practice making Love the filter through which I experience life, in any given situation I’ll be able to see the beauty of life knowing that I’m exactly where I need to be. 

The way I connect to Love in my day to day is through spirituality. Marianne Williamson warns us against having spirituality as another thing we have to do on our to do list. Instead it’s meant to be the foundation upon which we live all our lives. The foundation for our sexuality as discussed in part 1; the foundation for our relationships as discussed in part 2; the foundation for our whole lives… So again, what does that mean and what does that look like? It means focusing on the present moment (and reminding yourself as soon as you catch yourself dwelling on the past and future). In that space you tap into the most loving emotion you can dwell on and let that guide you in your decisions. Anita Moorjani reminded me today of this simple guideline:

Decisions made from the present are love based. Decisions based on the future are fear based. 

Spirituality has taught me that we get too caught up on what the visible world is showing us and don’t have enough faith in the power of things we can’t even see. What A Course In Miracles tells us is that the only thing that is ultimately real is Love. If this is where we keep our focus by either loving ourselves, loving each other or looking for the love in difficult situations, we are going experience more love than fear in our lives. The love we share among each other will fill us up so much that we might even forget what was on our list. I believe this is the only true path to a life of having it all. 

For love of myself, my family, my boyfriend and all my friends, I'm going to focus on spending quality time with them as the holidays approach so there will be no post next week. Happy holidays to you, the amazing person that is reading this. I am so grateful for your time and spending a few minutes letting me speak in your head. Sending you so much love and let’s keep dream chasing together in 2016.

Music Mantra:

We live the now for the promise of the infinite.

Resurrecting Mighty Aphrodite (part 2): Relationships

5 minute read

5 minute read

So you may not want to hear this but stick with me… in order to have a holistic relationship we need to embrace our feminine which includes being more respectful of our man’s thoughts, encouraging his potential and maybe putting a little more effort into our look for him — wait,  I know how all that sounds. I went to an all girl school where feminism was pretty much a given, went on to college to co-found a Latina support group and ran a clothing line who’s central message was women empowerment. I know how to do that woman power thang pretty well. But with an over emphasis on this side of my identity, there's been an imbalance. I’ve attempted to suppress my femininity in the name of feminism. 

Some of the suggestions Marianne Williamson proposed in the Aphrodite Training can seem a bit out-dated to us, but if you can keep your head and heart open you’ll see, like I have, that embracing this femininity in us is how we’re going to start feeling more balanced in our relationships. And since relationships provide the space where your sexuality and spirituality meet, we can agree that we’re at least willing to hear Aphrodite out. 

How does this quote resonate with you?

“A man’s greatest psychic craving is that his thoughts be respected and a women’s greatest psychic craving is that her feelings be cherished.” - Pat Allen

I can definitely relate to the importance of having my feelings cherished so I was willing to at least consider that it’s important for men’s thoughts to be respected. If we’re really trying to live our spirituality and we’ve accepted that we can only get back the energy that we put into something, then in order to cultivate a relationship where our feelings are respected by our partners, we need to also respect their thoughts. This does not mean that we mindlessly agree with everything he says and never state our thoughts, but it does mean that we handle their thoughts with the same sensitivity and awareness we’d like with our feelings handled by them. We know how painful it feels when our feelings are disrespected. If we can keep this in mind so that we don’t inflict the same pain in regard to his thoughts, we will create a relationship that feels safe for everyone. 

The same principle applies when encouraging the highest potential in our men. Marianne Williamson reminds us that men and women, in heterosexual and homosexual relationships, possess both masculine and feminine energies. In a balanced relationship, one person is responsible for bringing more of the masculine or the feminine. Masculine energy is about doing and feminine energy is about being. Because the nature of spirituality is concerned with our being, our feminine energy serves the purpose in the relationship of helping men reach their higher selves. In doing so, we are embodying our higher selves as well. Marianne also points out that the point of relationships is to bring us happiness. So if we literally pray for our man’s happiness everyday, we’ll also be receiving that same energy in return. You don’t have to be enlightened yet to accept that happy people make other people happy.

You may still be a little skeptical on the last point I made… putting more effort into our looks, so let me elaborate. I think this might only speak to some but it speaks to me so thought I’d share. Marianne Williamson talked about how she used to look down on her mom because she always made an effort to look her best for her dad when he got home from work. In retrospect, knowing what she knows about Aphrodite, she now realizes that this did actually help her parents have a healthier relationship. The idea of looking your best for the one person that you’re sharing your life with is not that crazy of an idea. Again, it doesn’t mean that you can’t relax and feel beautiful regardless of what you’re wearing but we can’t deny that we feel better when we’ve made an effort, however that looks to you. And when we feel better, we show up better in our relationships.

I’m a fan of lists and practical tips but when talking about Aphrodite’s energy, there’s no way she can be summed up neatly in bullet points. These three points are only a few ways that we can start awakening the Aphrodite in us so that we can heal our relationships. Some of you might be wondering why it seems as if women have to carry the burden of healing the relationship when a relationship consists of two people. Although I’m not too clear on why women are to initiate this shift, I do get the sense that whoever is resonating with this information from the Aphrodite Training is wanting to heal some aspect of themselves and their relationship. Since I accept and believe that we must be the change we wish to see, we have to get on with it.

And do you know what happens when we embody our femininity more? It frees up our men (or partners) to occupy their masculinity more. The balancing and healing of the relationship helps create an environment where our men will cherish our feelings and match our effort, both in style and in the relationship. It’s also a place where our highest potential can emerge. And if occupying more of your Aphrodite energy doesn’t bring that out in your partner, you'll be guided by God to handle that as needed, whether it means staying or going.

This training has allowed me to see that asking deeper questions, especially when it comes to healing relationships, leads to deeper answers. Marianne Williamson says that instead of asking how we can heal our relationships, that we instead embody Aphrodite as best we can and be humble enough to ask for God’s help in doing so. Since our egos are running most of the show, we tend only to ask ego-based questions and therefore come to ego-based conclusions, especially when it comes to love. And since Aphrodite is more about being than doing, we need to be asking ourselves “who do I need to be in this relationship?” The compartmentalization of your life then is no longer needed because you recognize that spirituality is supposed to serve as a foundation for your entire life, including your relationship and sexuality. 

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Resurrecting Mighty Aphrodite

3 minute read

3 minute read

Sexuality meets spirituality. If that idea resonates with you, keep reading…

As I’ve mentioned before on my welcome page, I’ve lived a fragmented life where I’ve compartmentalized aspects of myself. Like one of those people who’s food can’t touch, certain qualities weren’t allowed to overlap with others. Many of us do this without recognizing it and it’s fucking exhausting. Tearing down walls is a process. During this process what’s come up is a recognition that I need to heal the separation I’ve created between my sexuality and spirituality and I know I’m not alone. 

We need to begin to see sexuality through the lens of spirituality so that we can give birth to a more holistic life and relax into our higher power. 

Marianne Williamson recently hosted a weekend seminar called “Aphrodite Training: On the Convergence of Woman, Goddess and Lover” and before knowing too much about it, I had a strong feeling that I somehow needed to know more. As I’ve since learned, this inclination is a clear sign that Aphrodite’s energy is calling me. It wouldn’t have caught my attention if I didn’t recognize she’s a part of me. And I definitely wouldn’t have Clarissa Pinkola EstésWomen Who Run with the Wolves sitting on my book shelf (admittedly half-read, but still…).  That feeling was so strong that I ended up winning access to the Livestream training through a Twitter contest (#lawofattraction) and to pay it forward, I want to share what I've learned so far with you...

In the book Goddesses in Everywoman Jean Shinoda Bolen names the different goddesses that women tend to embody. Each goddess has different qualities about her. Aphrodite is the goddess that represents beauty, love, sexuality, creativity and procreativity. She gives birth to children, ideas and projects. She brings out the best in men by being a source of joy and confidence. And when Aphrodite is “in her temple”, she expresses her sexuality freely with a man that truly honors her divinity. 

Basically, she’s the grown-ass woman in us. 

Embracing Aphrodite can be scary to some of us. Women’s powers have been suppressed by society for generations. Most of us have been socialized to see ourselves and other women through the Madonna/Whore dichotomy that interprets different aspects of ourselves as good (spirituality) and others as bad (sexuality), when in reality everything is divine when we’re operating from within the temple. Also, Marianne tells us, feminism has played a role in our suppression of Aphrodite because we’ve subtly defined femininity as weak. I consider myself a feminist but can recognize that we’ve pursued equality mainly through embodying masculine energies. We’ve put the pants on in the relationships, become bread winners and while all that is great, it has come at the expense of our Aphrodite qualities. We’re out in the world being badass during the day and come home and forget to soften up so that those gentler energies can be expressed at night. 

As a result of society’s dominating perspectives, most of us have either disowned or distorted Aphrodite’s energies, causing us to feel fragmented, unbalanced and with a fair share of heartache.

The experience manifests differently for those in a relationship and those not currently in relationship, but learning to resurrect this goddess in our lives will lead to more holistic romantic relationships in the present and future. If you’ve read this far, I’m gonna take a guess and say there is something about this topic that is needing your attention. The first step we take in the resurrection is to reflect on how you've suppressed, disowned or taken Aphrodite out of the temple... or all of the above. Take this week to journal or just think about it. As I continue the training, I will share what Marianne Williamson suggests as the next step for resurrecting Mighty Aphrodite and how merging your sexuality with your spirituality can lead to better relationships. Stay tuned for next week's post.

Side Note - This is just the tip of the iceberg on this topic and filtered through my understanding. If you want to get a more in depth understanding, I highly recommend taking the training straight from the wisdom of Marianne Williamson.


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Hummingbird's the Word

Are you a Jane of all trades and master of none? 

In these exciting times, you can be the stylist, photographer and model. You can be the designer, manufacturer and sales person.  And in my current case, I can be the writer, art director and music curator. But when you’re wearing many hats, it can be easy to look at the person that kept one hat on the whole time and feel like crap in comparison because they seem to be further along their path. And now you find yourself looking for a whole new set of hats to wear, leaving past passion projects undone because you’re simply over it. I know this too well and I come with good news. 

You’re exactly where you need to be. Right here. Right now. Whatever hat you’re wearing. 

Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic, introduced me to the idea of jackhammers and hummingbirds. She says that some of us have one clear passion in life and will work away at it with tunnel vision, never second-guessing their path. These are the jackhammers of the world. Their passion consumes them and they make shit happen. 

Others of us are hummingbirds who don’t have just one singular passion but instead have many curiosities that take them in different directions. They fly from flower to flower and rarely stay still in one place. While doing so, they pollinate the flowers, spreading the sweetness of life. The hummingbirds are interdisciplinary and responsible for spreading ideas. 

If you’re a hummingbird not knowing you’re a hummingbird, you may be looking at the jackhammers and wondering what’s wrong with you. 

I hope you stop this mental abuse to yourself and realize your job is to simply follow your curiosities. If one stops being appealing, move on to the next. God leaves us clues for what Elizabeth Gilbert calls the “scavenger hunt of your life” and you only have to concern yourself with one clue at a time. You readjust each time and gain clarity on the next step. I believe that we’re constantly being guided by an inner GPS that recalculates based on where you decided to turn, always guiding you home. If you trust that, the hummingbird life can be both exciting and fulfilling.

I relate more to the hummingbirds of the world but I also think that most of us just go through phases of jackhammer and hummingbird. And I’ve realized that my one singular passion has been to follow my curiosity. It has taken me from design to sociology to photography to marketing to non-profit to insurance to fashion to writing to spirituality and back to art. Each time I have taken a skill or understanding from one and transferred it to the next, pollinating seemingly separate worlds and bringing them together. Curiosity is also a resume builder. I’ve always been curious about origami and stop motion video. I’m following my curiosity in this very post and learning a new skill (see below). 

The magic here is in the idea that there are a variety of ways to go about life.

There isn’t just one right way. It’s more about who you are not what you do. Who are you throughout all these hat changes is what will determine how fulfilled you feel. As millennials, we have the world at our fingertips and are simultaneously paralyzed by all the options we have. If you ask me what’s for dinner, it can easily turn into a 15 minute conversation. The indecisive struggle is real. But when I remind myself that I’ll always be exactly where I need to be, I can enjoy all the flowers the Universe wants to send me. 

P.S. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. Curiosity gave the cat life (and lots of stories to tell). 

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In anticipation of Oprah’s “Belief” miniseries premiering this weekend, I thought I’d share my belief in 3 words. It was kinda hard to narrow it down….  I got about 11 answers down (33 words to be exact) and realized my guiding principle was written in CAPS at the top of my page this whole time… (realizing this is a common theme lately. Anyway… )

I created the template pictured above during the "blog is not ready” procrastination phase and I chose to use it as a reminder to myself that when I write, I want to:

Co-Create With Love 

What these 3 words remind me is that even though I have free will, I also have the option to collaborate with Love (God) in order to maximize my life and it’s impact on the world. 

We all have the power to create but we decide if we team up with the ego or with Love when creating.

This alone will define the role your creation plays in the world. Do you want your life to benefit just your ego or do you want to benefit and feed your soul? We're all connected so I hope you choose the latter. We all win with love. 

Here are the runner ups in case you're curious:












Can you sum up your belief in 3 (or 33) words? Let me know in the comments OR create your own quote card and share online here.

Be sure to catch the first episode of this incredible miniseries this Sunday, Oct. 18th at 8PM on OWN

Advice From Oprah on Becoming YOU

Last month my dream came true. 

My friend Tanya tagged me in a Facebook post that Oprah was hosting a Super Soul Sessions event where she was inviting some of the top spiritual thought leaders she’s had as guests on Super Soul Sunday for a day o’wisdom. We signed up and ended up getting tickets! I started spreading the word to anyone I thought would be interested and before I knew it, almost 30 of my loved ones were joining me on this amazing day of spirituality with OPRAH! 🙌

We got to listen to 10 of the most influential spiritual leaders including Deepak Chopra, Brene Brown, Marianne Williamson, Elizabeth Gilbert and so many more. Each offered aha moments and reminders of the things I know to be Truth. It. Was. Amazing. Oprah closed the event and her words were like lasers that went directly to my soul.

It was the perfect closing to the day because her life epitomizes the kinds of heights you can reach in your life when you embody the spiritual principles that had been shared with us all day. 

I’m not saying that if you do A, B and C then your life will be exactly like Oprah’s but we all have the potential of living a life we can’t imagine from our current perspectives. We really can experience quantum leaps in our lifetime. This is what Oprah shared as some of her guiding principles for becoming who she is now…

1. Be yourself.

This advice was given to her by her boss when she started her TV career. She took it to heart and it obviously worked! There’s never been someone quite like Oprah and guess what? There’s never been and never will be someone quite like you. While we may have lots in common as humans, you are a unique, one-of-a-kind remix and no one is put together exactly like you. You can take comfort in knowing that the feelings you feel are universal human emotions (that’s what connects us) but also keep in mind that the reason you’re here is because you have something unique to offer the world. No one else can do the job you were sent here to do.

Lately I’ve been telling the Universe that I want to get paid for being me. What better way to receive your abundance than by being yourself. This is where you’ll find your true power. Why wouldn’t The Artist we call God not support us in being who we were designed to become? Whether it’s a job that plays to your strengths or a business you start based on your passions, I believe that our power and abundance flows when we’re in that space. And when we try to force something that we’re not, it’s not wrong, it just isn’t a smooth path. We can learn from these experiences and take steps to get closer to being in our power. 

2.  Make the decision to stop wasting time.

It’s actually possible to think we have no time in our day to day lives yet simultaneously feel we have all the time in the world to get started on that dream of ours. Well, hate to break it to you (and me), but we actually don’t have all the time in the world. We’re here for a limited time and the older we get, time seems to go by faster because our busy days lead to busy lives. Months start to feel like weeks and years fly by. I know I’m not the only one who feels summer goes by way faster than it did when we were kids. People like Oprah achieve all that they achieve by living from a space where they know their work here is important and get busy actually doing it. There is a sense of urgency. 

At the same time, so much can happen in a year, in a month, in a day! So when Oprah tells you to stop wasting time, you listen up. Since February of this year, I’ve been working on this blog. I started writing then got scared and pulled back because I started to think I had to be more official and do an editorial calendar, logo, about page, branding, etc. Although those things can be important, a lot of it was procrastination due to the fact that I was scared to share it more widely and let it have a life of its own. In one day at Super Soul Sessions, I made the decision to stop letting fear stop me. In a month I finalized the website and branding. And week by week I will be creating and sharing… no longer wasting time. 

3. Follow the flow of your life. 

Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about this in his book “The Power of Intention”. It’s this invisible energy field that’s taking us to the next level of our lives. It’s the same energy that takes a caterpillar and turns it into a butterfly, a seed to blooming flower, and the same energy that’ll take you and create the YOU you are designed to become. Oprah reminds us that when we allow our personality to serve our soul, instead of the other way around, you’ll be in the flow of your life. And the way you’ll know you’re in the flow is by following what feels right. Whenever it starts to feel wrong, we simply course correct. Sometimes we do this willingly and sometimes something happens in our lives to steer us in a different direction. Either way, trust it. 

A spiritual practice is important for being in the flow because when we create space we’ll know when something feels right or wrong. If we don’t, it isn’t as clear to us because we’re in our heads overthinking. It’s super easy to get distracted and lost throughout the day - there’s always so much going on! It happens to me even if I’ve meditated, but what a spiritual practice does is makes it easier to get back in the flow. And when we do we’re allowing the highest possible expression of us to come through. That is how you will become you, the YOU the Designer intended for you to become.

There is no difference between us and Oprah. We’re all connected. We’re all reflections of the Designer that created us with Love. 

P.S. The big fat cherry on top to this day was that I got to have a mini conversation with Oprah after the event when she was walking back to her car (you can see my reaction on a video I posted on Instagram). I told her that I was no longer gonna waste time. I’m in the process of becoming ROSIE PI and can’t wait to see the YOU you become. 


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We won't let our hearts forget this time.


Psychics and fortune-tellers aren’t the only ones reading tarot cards. I use my angel card deck on the reg and Lady Gaga recently let the world know via Insta that she never travels without her fairy cards. So whether you needed Lady Gaga’s co-sign or not, I want to share my approach to tarot and how I use them to access my lady magic.

Tarot cards are like that older and wiser girlfriend who gives you the best insight because she's already been through it and she just gets you.

When you were torn between which college to go to, she didn’t just tell you her opinion, instead she guided you to make the best decision for yourself. When you were having issues with your dude, she asked the right questions so that you could gain clarity in your own thinking. When you had enough of your job and wanted to change careers, she offered you the assurance you needed take that leap. And when things got tough as you started your own business, she reminded you of the reasons you started in the first place.

I pull out my deck when I need that kind of advice.

That older and wiser girlfriend is a higher intelligence, the part of you that knows your innermost desires (and shadows) and has access to a wider perspective that isn’t so apparent from where you’re at. We always have access to this intelligence but it’s easy to drown it out with worry, stress, procrastination and other distractions. The more you do it, the more you will realize that your answers will be things you already know on some level.

Pulling cards is a way to begin to trust your intuition.

Tarot cards work hand in hand with your intuition and use images in order to communicate something to you. The cards represent universal truths embraced by spiritual traditions. The deck that I have comes with a guide book so that I can look up what each card means. When I'm reading it, I use my intuition to see how it applies to what I'm asking and where I'm at in life. Each card doesn’t represent just ONE interpretation. It'll change depending on where you're at when you pull the card, so it evolves with you.

The Basics:

Most decks are comprised of 78 cards and divided into two groups:

  1. The Major Arcana (22 cards): Represents qualities essential for enlightenment and major life events with universal characters and situations
  2. The Minor Arcana (56 cards/divided by 4 themes/14 cards each): Represents opportunities for spiritual growth and day-to-day events and decisions to be made

Tip: Pick a deck that you are most drawn to. The images they use will work better if they resonate with you and you feel connected to them. Whether you stick to a traditional deck or go with a pretty new age deck, it is the right deck for you. I like that my deck has images and words on the card, in addition to a guide book for further explanation.

Doing a reading:

  1. Clear the energy of the deck by tapping the deck
  2. Touch all the cards to infuse them with your energy
  3. Meditate on the cards, asking for the guidance that you need and that it comes through clearly in a way that you will understand
  4. Ask your question (out loud or in your head)
  5. Shuffle the cards and stop when your intuition tells you (aka when you feel like it)
  6. Pull the top card(s) OR pull the card(s) that pops out at you while you shuffle
  7. Pay attention to the picture, the message and your intuition’s interpretation of the card in regard to your question
  8. Look up the meaning in the booklet and pay attention to your intuition’s interpretation

In my opinion, it is best to keep your questions open at first and then get into more specific questions (q's where the answer requires a timeframe or a yes/no) as you get more familiar with your deck -- but there is no wrong way to do it. Pictures can help answer time questions like an image of sun representing spring/summer and the number of the card can signify the month. Yes/No questions can be answered with the overall message (positive: yes / more somber: no). Reverse or upside down cards ask for your extra attention on whatever issue is related to that card.

Tip: Sometimes a card is all I need but when I want to go further, I use the card as a journaling prompt or will meditate on it after and will gain even more insight.


As you start, one card can be enough or you may want to do a 3 card spread:

  1. Pick top 3 cards or any 3 that pop out at you
  2. Lay the first to your left, second in the middle and third to your right.

The Left card represents your immediate past.

The Middle card represents the current status and offers guidance.

The Right card represents the immediate future if you follow that guidance.

There is also a 10 card spread but the few times I've done it, I felt it was information overload. This is the more traditional way cards have been read but I did not want to write about something I don't practice a lot. There is plenty of google-worthy info out there if you want to explore further.

When you are beginning, it is best to do readings for yourself. As your confidence in your intuition grows, you will be able to do readings for your family, friends or maybe even some clients.

So go ahead and pull a card, your BFF is waiting to guide you with the best advice ever.

Music mantra:

In these little moments, get your cards out, I am waiting.

You Are the Art, Not the Artist

Do you feel that you're in control of your life? While you may be quick to answer yes, think about how much pressure that puts on you to make the "right" decision in any given moment.

For a minute, let's flirt with the idea that we're not 100% in control.

I'm not saying that we don't have free will or that we are fated to a certain life, but why don't we allow room for the idea that there is a Designer with a bit more experience than us that's helping shape our lives?

I'm obsessed with the new Cosmos series with Neil deGrasse Tyson because there's nothing I've seen in that series that conflicts with any spiritual truths I believe in.

And when Neil says we are made of stardust,


He has science backing him up. This the sweet spot where science and the metaphysical meet. If the same designer that created the cosmos, created us, then why not believe that this Designer can help us create the beautiful lives we desire - lives we can't possibly imagine from our limited perspective?

A Course in Miracles recently offered me this idea...

“You cannot escape from fear until you realize that you did not and could not create yourself. You can never make your misperceptions true, and your creation is beyond your own error.” 

The idea that you did not create yourself takes the pressure off of you. Don't you feel light imagining yourself as the piece of art who’s job is to be and allow God/Universe/The Artist/The Designer to see their vision through you? Personally I always want to remember that I'm not in complete control and it’s a beautiful thing to know that I can’t fuck it up. It's in this idea that I find flow. 

Music mantra:

"I bet you never even knew, that there's a Universe inside of you."