Heaven on Earth

I experienced heaven the other day and I didn't have to die. 

I was walking to get breakfast thinking that 1 - I should’ve worn a bra 2 - I hope no creepy guys are looking at me 3 - maybe I should’ve drove — a “shhh” interrupted my stream of thoughts. I literally shush myself when I realize I need to think other thoughts because the current ones aren’t helping. My thoughts were starting to bring up the anxiety I get with creepy unwanted attention and I knew I had to shift in order to enjoy this walk. 

As soon as I decided to, I experienced a miracle.

A miracle, as A Course in Miracles teaches, is a shift in perspective from fear to love. All of a sudden I realized that I was a part of the hustle and bustle of the city and not separate from it - and certainly not the center of attention. It’s not Rosie walking down the street (hesitantly) freeing the nipple while the rest of the world was there to creep her out, it’s LIFE expressing itself as Rosie, as the two amigas walking ahead laughing at an inside joke, as the guy stepping on his breaks so we can cross the street. I became aware of being in the city on that particular day, in that particular moment and how we were all heading somewhere and all playing our part in this world. I then became aware of the trees that were a part of this collective and the shade that they were providing. Pretty much, I realized we are all one. ONE. The peak of this idea lasted half a second but it was enough to leave me with this insight…

Through our thoughts we can access heaven.

This realization of our onenesss is the realization of heaven. Growing up I thought heaven was “up there” somewhere, but if God/Love is infinite then actually heaven is everywhere you are because there is no place where infinity is not. It’s right here, right now, all the damn time. The only difference is that we’re in a body and we tend to pay more attention to the physical realm than the realm of Love, where all is well exactly as it is. But on that day, crossing the street, I realized this is heaven and I can access it at anytime - I just have look for the connection and wholeness of a moment. The realization that regardless of creepy guys or not, I’m NOT the center of attention like my ego likes to believe, is so comforting to an introvert like me. Oneness consciousness helps you feel connection and love for the collective rather than limit it to the people you happen to know (and like). You, reading this. You are me. I am you. Our source is the same. I guess we just got a whole bunch of bodies in order to get shit done on this floating thing we call earth. 

Heaven is here. It’s all love, all the time. We just have to know that and then act from that space in order to experience it while we’re still in these bodies. How amazing is that?

“Rather than finding heaven on Earth, we are asked to release heaven on Earth by living” - Mark Nepo