I Love Lamp

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"God's love is the electricity but we must be the lamps. The only love that saves is the love that is applied." - Marianne Williamson

We often get caught up in our egos thinking that it’s us that has to find out how to chase our dreams and change the world (at the same damn time). We have to come up with a detailed plan for our lives and follow it thoroughly because that’s what responsible adults do, right? Well, this is what A Course in Miracles calls arrogance.

What is true humility then? Trusting in a higher power to lead us there instead. Our jobs are to be open vessels so that love’s energy can course through us. This is what meditation and living in the present moment helps us do. When I start getting anxious that I don’t have my life figured out, I remind myself that I am the lamp and my job is to allow God’s loving energy to move through me. I have a voice to speak Love’s message and hands to do Love’s work. This is our job. Be the lamp.

P.S. I love lamp (aka you).

Music Mantra:

I only see one thing
In this world that I need
No war coming from me
Just want the love's chemistry
Good vibes and energy