Cheers to Quantum Leaps in 2016!

Happy 2016 to you, the beautiful soul reading this! The question on most of our minds is, how do we make this year great? 

By conjuring up as much love as we can NOW. Now. Now....

This year I want to try something different as far as resolutions. I want to simplify my goals under one intention: Loving Presence. 

I've received glimpses of the bliss Loving Presence can provide but the mental habit of obsessing over the past and future and what other people's opinions are have remained fairly persistent. I started thinking of ways I can keep myself in the present moment more frequently and came to three solutions: 

1. Morning ritual of meditation, creative work and moving my body to set the tone for the day. 
2. Setting my phone alarm to keep interrupting my visits to the past and future. 
3. Calendar alerts throughout the year for periodic check-ins.

If you find yourself a little overwhelmed by all you want to experience and make happen this year, I invite you to consider joining me in this simple intention. With just one thing on our daily TO DO list (morning ritual) and a little help from your cell phone (hey, an iPhone can be a spiritual tool), this can be the least stressful resolution you've had and can yield the most miracles. If we welcome 2016 by looking at each moment as an opportunity to be as present and loving as possible, I can pretty much guarantee we'll all experience expansion this year. 

I'm obsessed with the idea of quantum leaps.

They ignore chronological time restraints and "realistic" thinking. They are life-altering graduations to new experiences you couldn't even imagine before the leap. By practicing Loving Presence, we are inviting the UNIverse to deliver us those quantum leaps that lead us to feeling more fulfilled and on purpose. If enough of us practice this, not only will we all get to experience our own quantum leaps and miracles, but we possibly get to affect all of humanity and life in beautiful ways we can't even fathom.

P.S. I'm new to snapchat, can you tell? Lol