In the past few months I recognized not feeling ready was slowing down a lot of my progress in my personal goals so I started to contemplate and meditate on the idea of

“starting before you’re ready”

It was a directive that I had heard many times before but actually tested out when I decided to do the Buti Yoga challenge the night before it started. Honestly, the biggest obstacle wasn’t necessarily posting or sharing my vulnerability, it was getting over myself and the idea that “this was not something I would normally do so I shouldn’t do it.” To do something in spite of that thought was transformative. I hadn’t noticed the invisible cage I had placed myself in until I stepped out of it.

By measuring every potential next step against what I had always done, I was bound to stop my evolution. 

I realize now that starting before you’re ready sets you up for success because it doesn’t give you enough time to build your cage beforehand. It throws you into what you already wanted to do anyway and allows you the space for on the job training (which we all know is really how most adulting happens). “Ready” mostly exists in the future anyway where it’s always just a little bit out of reach. So even if you reach the stage you had previously decided would indicate “ready” it morphs into another stage. Most importantly, it allows for co-creation with whatever Higher Power you believe in because you aren’t rigid in thinking how something should or shouldn’t go.

You allow space for miracles to happen.  

All this to say that it’s no coincidence that while I was blissed out in expressing in ways I hadn’t before, the Universe was setting me up for another chance to start something before I was ready: Mamihood. Yup, I got pregnant during the Buti Yoga challenge, a time in my life that I truly felt like I was healing something deep within me. I found out and got to tell my love that I had two hearts beating in me on Father’s Day 2018. In typical fashion, my first reaction was to ask “am I ready?” 

The Universe answered in many creative ways. First through the tarot card I pulled right after I took the pregnancy test that said “You are ready to bring something to light.” Then later, when telling my best friend about the news and wondering out loud again “am I ready?” Barbara Mason comes on in the restaurant to remind me:

“Yes, I’m ready… to learn.”


Music Mantra:

Yes, I'm ready to learn, to fall in love.