Resurrecting Mighty Aphrodite (part 3): Having It All

Mighty Aphrodite (part 3): Have It All by Rosie Pi

In some utopian future, I’m an enlightened artist doing some sort of spiritual work, traveling the world with my husband, raising indigo children like Willow Smith and riding through the city in my Tesla. The idealist dreamer in me gets excited until “realistic” Rosie pops in and asks, “can I really have it all?” Most of us have wondered this and haven’t really come up with an answer that’s satisfying. But as I’ve learned from the Aphrodite Training, you get deeper (and more satisfying) answers when you ask deeper questions. 

As I looked through my notes for this last post on the Resurrecting Mighty Aphrodite series, I came across this quote:

 “You can have anything that you embody.” - Marianne Williamson

At first, my brain went down the list of what would comprise my version of “all”. I concluded that I can have abundance if I embody abundance. I can have creativity if I embody creativity. Sounds nice but what does that really mean? And what does that look like in my day to day life? I realized my list was a looong list that continuously expanded and it seemed overwhelming to have to embody it all. Again, I fell into the compartmentalization hole and even though I wanted to believe we can have it all, it wasn’t looking good. 

But then it clicked… the deeper question is: How do you define your “all?” And the deeper answer is that there’s only one thing that can replace “all” in my life and that is Love.

If I can EMBODY love I will experience love. And when I really thought about it, that’s really what I’m seeking with all my superficial obsessions. With love, not only will we have it all, we will be it all. If God is Love, then that is the ultimate aspiration that checks off our whole list in one word. This doesn’t necessarily mean that my life will look a certain way. I may not end up happily married with kids, in a dream career, filthy rich, perfectly healthy and always happy.  I may experience all those at different times or not at all. 

But if I practice making Love the filter through which I experience life, in any given situation I’ll be able to see the beauty of life knowing that I’m exactly where I need to be. 

The way I connect to Love in my day to day is through spirituality. Marianne Williamson warns us against having spirituality as another thing we have to do on our to do list. Instead it’s meant to be the foundation upon which we live all our lives. The foundation for our sexuality as discussed in part 1; the foundation for our relationships as discussed in part 2; the foundation for our whole lives… So again, what does that mean and what does that look like? It means focusing on the present moment (and reminding yourself as soon as you catch yourself dwelling on the past and future). In that space you tap into the most loving emotion you can dwell on and let that guide you in your decisions. Anita Moorjani reminded me today of this simple guideline:

Decisions made from the present are love based. Decisions based on the future are fear based. 

Spirituality has taught me that we get too caught up on what the visible world is showing us and don’t have enough faith in the power of things we can’t even see. What A Course In Miracles tells us is that the only thing that is ultimately real is Love. If this is where we keep our focus by either loving ourselves, loving each other or looking for the love in difficult situations, we are going experience more love than fear in our lives. The love we share among each other will fill us up so much that we might even forget what was on our list. I believe this is the only true path to a life of having it all. 

For love of myself, my family, my boyfriend and all my friends, I'm going to focus on spending quality time with them as the holidays approach so there will be no post next week. Happy holidays to you, the amazing person that is reading this. I am so grateful for your time and spending a few minutes letting me speak in your head. Sending you so much love and let’s keep dream chasing together in 2016.

Music Mantra:

We live the now for the promise of the infinite.