The Seeds: A Short Story on Enjoying Your “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing with my life” phase

You arrive home one day and realize someone has left 5 individual envelopes of seeds at your door. Each one is labeled “Love”, “Peace”, “Abundance”, “Freedom” and “Joy” but there isn’t a picture on any of them. You take one envelope and read the back… 

Plant these seeds today. Water them everyday. They are guaranteed to grow, but you won’t be able to see them sprout until you start believing. TIP: You can speed up the process by enjoying watering them everyday (the seeds will know). Oh, and Miracle Grow will kill them so don’t try that. ;) 

You look around, trying to see if anyone is messing with you. You have to admit, you’re super intrigued by the mystery of it all and decide to give it a shot. Not wasting any time getting your hands on a shovel, you start digging with you bare hands. The moist soil feels cool to your warm hands and you get a rush of energy, thinking of what each package can potentially grow into and wondering what they'll look like! 


A thought flashes through your head at that exact moment and you realize that not having a picture on the package of seeds was intentional.

It doesn't matter what they'll look like, as long as I get to grow love, peace, abundance, freedom and joy. That is #goals.

You decide to take advantage of this unusual joy radiating out of you and water your seeds for the first time. You know your baby seeds are growing. 



A few weeks pass, and although you started to see some baby sprouts poking out of the soil, you are getting impatient with the pace. You admit to yourself that there were some days you definitely were not enjoying the watering part and even some days you completely forgot.


Your mind continues to wander as you stare at the baby sprouts…

This does NOT look like abundance. Shouldn’t it have more leaves on it? Shouldn’t it be bigger by now?

You realize this is making the sprouts shrink into the ground. 

Oh shit!

You stop the train of thought and go inside to distract yourself. 



A few days pass and you’ve meditated and re-centered yourself. You feel good and decide to read the instructions again. “They are guaranteed to grow” you read again and again, thinking it's a bold statement to make about everything you desire. It's hard to believe that you can easily grow things you see most people are lacking. Why would you or these seeds be any different? Then you realize it's more simple than you think... 

Of course! If I water something everyday, how could it not grow?? Duh!

All of a sudden, the excitement comes back and you get back on your daily watering schedule. 

To be continued….

(Actually not, really)

Here’s the spoiler:

The seeds grew. They grew into creations bigger, more vibrant, and more alive than anything you could've imagined.

They brought more than enough love, peace, freedom, abundance and joy, not only for you, but enough to share with the people you love and even people you don't even know.

You later learned you've had those seeds since before you were born... you just happened to notice them that magical day at your door. 

Moral(s) of the Story:

  • You will grow what you water; so water what you love, not what you fear. 
  • Embrace that whatever "it" is will look different (and probably better) than you imagined.
  • And lastly, don’t let your impatience with the tiny sprout phase stop you from watering everything you wish for yourself and those you love.

Music Mantra:

I've poured my faith on it.