The Universe Voted for Us

Rosie Pi - Post Election Feels.PNG

Coming out of the fog of the election and these are my feelings…

From our perspective, this is sooo backwards… but from many others’ perspective, this is exactly what America needed. 

How do we make sense of this split?

We are ALL coming from our own perceptions based on the body we were born into, the experiences we’ve had, our education, the people we know and love, etc. Those perceptions influence our sense of what is right and wrong and what’s important or not, in the physical world. 

We have to step out of our perception to understand what's happening.

Not everyone can do that right now but for those of us that have been touched by the Truth, that we are One, we must start acting and living according to that Truth. Even more now.

You know who you are if you hear the call. We aren't going to be perfect but we are being asked to strive to be better than we’ve been before. 

And think about it… if Clinton would’ve won, we might’ve all been temporarily relieved just a teeny tiny bit but there'd STILL be work left to do that can only happen through the people. She was not meant to rescue us. If anything, Trump is motivating us to move. And so spiritually, I thank Clinton and Trump for their role in this incarnation.

I’d also like to point out, especially to all my sisters, that although many of us thought the rise of the feminine was going to be marked by a female president, it’s being delivered to us in a way that we didn’t expect. In my humble opinion, the role to usher in the Feminine is OURS to step into. 

The Universe voted and it is US who got elected on Tuesday.

The Feminine must no longer adapt to the Masculine. Trying to create change through the same system and playing by the same rules won’t get us far. This election has disrupted our realities and now we must redirect to a new, feminine way of co-operating with all living beings. Let's do it in our OWN way…

By remembering WHO WE ARE.

By acknowledging and accepting present moment.

By cultivating love that doesn’t stop with disagreement.

By listening both to our own higher guidance and the “other”.

By acting from a space of connection with the Earth and each other.

I am letting myself be transformed by the pain, compassion, confusion, and love with the knowing that so many of you are too. We are already transforming the world in a different, subtle and powerful way.

I love you… I really do. 

Music Mantra:

I was reborn, when I was broken.