The World is Your Shiny Disco Ball

Disco Globe by Rosie Pi

Not only does my inner dancing queen love the thought of a disco ball floating up in space but it illustrates how power-FULL our connection to the world really is.  

We live in a world that mirrors back to us what we think and believe. Just like a disco ball will reflect whatever light is projected onto it, so will our lives. 

We tend to forget this and think that the world out there is completely separate from us and that we have no control over it but A Course in Miracles reminds us that:

Our thoughts are the cause and the world we see is the effect.

Our mind’s filter is more powerful than your favorite IG filter. We get to choose the one that makes our lives feel empowering and loving and we get to reinterpret something “bad” as something that’s pushing us toward growth.

Whatever you keep reinforcing is what you'll keep experiencing. We then accumulate physical evidence that our beliefs are true. So our true power lies in perspective (really, it's ALL perspective).

I’m still learning and know I don’t have all the answers but if I can interpret a situation in a more empowering light, why the hell wouldn’t I?

Who’s world is this? The world is yours. It really is… At least your world, so shine bright sisters, because what good is a disco ball with no shine?

Music Mantra:

You're a shining star

No matter who you are

Shining bright to see

What you could truly be