You Are the Art, Not the Artist

Do you feel that you're in control of your life? While you may be quick to answer yes, think about how much pressure that puts on you to make the "right" decision in any given moment.

For a minute, let's flirt with the idea that we're not 100% in control.

I'm not saying that we don't have free will or that we are fated to a certain life, but why don't we allow room for the idea that there is a Designer with a bit more experience than us that's helping shape our lives?

I'm obsessed with the new Cosmos series with Neil deGrasse Tyson because there's nothing I've seen in that series that conflicts with any spiritual truths I believe in.

And when Neil says we are made of stardust,


He has science backing him up. This the sweet spot where science and the metaphysical meet. If the same designer that created the cosmos, created us, then why not believe that this Designer can help us create the beautiful lives we desire - lives we can't possibly imagine from our limited perspective?

A Course in Miracles recently offered me this idea...

“You cannot escape from fear until you realize that you did not and could not create yourself. You can never make your misperceptions true, and your creation is beyond your own error.” 

The idea that you did not create yourself takes the pressure off of you. Don't you feel light imagining yourself as the piece of art who’s job is to be and allow God/Universe/The Artist/The Designer to see their vision through you? Personally I always want to remember that I'm not in complete control and it’s a beautiful thing to know that I can’t fuck it up. It's in this idea that I find flow. 

Music mantra:

"I bet you never even knew, that there's a Universe inside of you."