This blog started off as a faint thought.

I was journaling about a day in my dream life and found myself writing in past tense about these spiritual blog posts I had written. It seemed to pop out of nowhere. I went back and drew a big circle around this idea of me writing a blog. The idea has been growing in my mind and this site is the point where my thoughts become form.

The craziest part was that I started writing earlier this year but told myself I needed to be more official and make a logo and about page before I officially launched - whatever that means.  I wrote A LOT of potential content for this about page, lots about childhood and what sparked my spiritual journey. It was a good exercise but I scrapped it all when the idea of just being transparent about the process came to me. And the logo? I've had it sitting on my computer as a potential t-shirt design for over a year. I created a few different versions and then came back to what I already had.

Like in life, I had it with me all along. 

So here I am, ready to go on this journey with you reading along and hopefully sharing your journey with me so we can dream chase together.  Right now, I envision Rosie Pi as a creative expression of everything I'm into that makes me, me (from Kendrick Lamar to Eckhart Tolle).

I hope it inspires you to do your own remix on life and share it with your world.