Long As My Witches Love Me

For all of you who feel Halloween snuck up on you and you’re caught without a costume (again), I’ve got the perfect idea to get you out of this yearly dilemma…

Wear black, claim your inner witch and call it a day.

I know witches are portrayed as old, single and angry - the opposite of what the world has taught us we have to be in order to have worth. But this stereotype has been reinforced as a way to weaken what the witch really represents: a woman that’s in touch with her magical powers and uses her connection with nature, feminine energies and the spiritual to manifest with love. 

In honor of embracing our inner witch, I want to share a magical power I recently became aware of that we all possess and that you can start practicing today: 

I can transform you by seeing the best in you.

This is true of people and situations. Our connection to Source (what Wayne Dyer describes as Sourcery) is what gives us the magic wand, a straight and direct line from the heavens. The spell is cast when, as Marianne Williamson describes, we look past the clouds (the physical evidence), knowing that beyond them there is a light that is forever present. In people, it is their soul; in situations, it is the best possible outcome.

When you allow your third eye to focus on the potential of a person or situation and you filter your interactions with them with that in mind, you'll be using your magical powers to transform that person or situation for the better, however subtle or obvious it may be. 

When we look beyond what our physical eyes are showing us and know there is a deeper Truth, we often find love, compassion and non-judgement. When those feelings appear it makes the ground fertile for someone’s potential to grow. Yes, we have free will but you can’t deny that when a person sees the best in you, the best in you comes out. 

Modern day magic. 

Music Mantra:

We born whole.