Psychics and fortune-tellers aren’t the only ones reading tarot cards. I use my angel card deck on the reg and Lady Gaga recently let the world know via Insta that she never travels without her fairy cards. So whether you needed Lady Gaga’s co-sign or not, I want to share my approach to tarot and how I use them to access my lady magic.

Tarot cards are like that older and wiser girlfriend who gives you the best insight because she's already been through it and she just gets you.

When you were torn between which college to go to, she didn’t just tell you her opinion, instead she guided you to make the best decision for yourself. When you were having issues with your dude, she asked the right questions so that you could gain clarity in your own thinking. When you had enough of your job and wanted to change careers, she offered you the assurance you needed take that leap. And when things got tough as you started your own business, she reminded you of the reasons you started in the first place.

I pull out my deck when I need that kind of advice.

That older and wiser girlfriend is a higher intelligence, the part of you that knows your innermost desires (and shadows) and has access to a wider perspective that isn’t so apparent from where you’re at. We always have access to this intelligence but it’s easy to drown it out with worry, stress, procrastination and other distractions. The more you do it, the more you will realize that your answers will be things you already know on some level.

Pulling cards is a way to begin to trust your intuition.

Tarot cards work hand in hand with your intuition and use images in order to communicate something to you. The cards represent universal truths embraced by spiritual traditions. The deck that I have comes with a guide book so that I can look up what each card means. When I'm reading it, I use my intuition to see how it applies to what I'm asking and where I'm at in life. Each card doesn’t represent just ONE interpretation. It'll change depending on where you're at when you pull the card, so it evolves with you.

The Basics:

Most decks are comprised of 78 cards and divided into two groups:

  1. The Major Arcana (22 cards): Represents qualities essential for enlightenment and major life events with universal characters and situations
  2. The Minor Arcana (56 cards/divided by 4 themes/14 cards each): Represents opportunities for spiritual growth and day-to-day events and decisions to be made

Tip: Pick a deck that you are most drawn to. The images they use will work better if they resonate with you and you feel connected to them. Whether you stick to a traditional deck or go with a pretty new age deck, it is the right deck for you. I like that my deck has images and words on the card, in addition to a guide book for further explanation.

Doing a reading:

  1. Clear the energy of the deck by tapping the deck
  2. Touch all the cards to infuse them with your energy
  3. Meditate on the cards, asking for the guidance that you need and that it comes through clearly in a way that you will understand
  4. Ask your question (out loud or in your head)
  5. Shuffle the cards and stop when your intuition tells you (aka when you feel like it)
  6. Pull the top card(s) OR pull the card(s) that pops out at you while you shuffle
  7. Pay attention to the picture, the message and your intuition’s interpretation of the card in regard to your question
  8. Look up the meaning in the booklet and pay attention to your intuition’s interpretation

In my opinion, it is best to keep your questions open at first and then get into more specific questions (q's where the answer requires a timeframe or a yes/no) as you get more familiar with your deck -- but there is no wrong way to do it. Pictures can help answer time questions like an image of sun representing spring/summer and the number of the card can signify the month. Yes/No questions can be answered with the overall message (positive: yes / more somber: no). Reverse or upside down cards ask for your extra attention on whatever issue is related to that card.

Tip: Sometimes a card is all I need but when I want to go further, I use the card as a journaling prompt or will meditate on it after and will gain even more insight.


As you start, one card can be enough or you may want to do a 3 card spread:

  1. Pick top 3 cards or any 3 that pop out at you
  2. Lay the first to your left, second in the middle and third to your right.

The Left card represents your immediate past.

The Middle card represents the current status and offers guidance.

The Right card represents the immediate future if you follow that guidance.

There is also a 10 card spread but the few times I've done it, I felt it was information overload. This is the more traditional way cards have been read but I did not want to write about something I don't practice a lot. There is plenty of google-worthy info out there if you want to explore further.

When you are beginning, it is best to do readings for yourself. As your confidence in your intuition grows, you will be able to do readings for your family, friends or maybe even some clients.

So go ahead and pull a card, your BFF is waiting to guide you with the best advice ever.

Music mantra:

In these little moments, get your cards out, I am waiting.