One Habit At A Time

Just me channeling  Julieta Venegas' Limón y Sal  cover.  :)

Just me channeling Julieta Venegas' Limón y Sal cover.  :)

This is the short version of my story around health and food…does it sound familiar to you? 

My thinking is very black and white so when I’m healthy, I become obsessed with being perfectly healthy and when I get tired of all the effort that it takes (mostly the internal struggle in my head), I go back to eating all the things I know I shouldn’t. I’ve been doing this almost my entire adult life and have been searching for a way to let go of my habit of being extreme. 

I can analyze my story to death, tell myself that eating fruits and veggies is like eating sunshine (actually, I LOVE that idea), and watch as many Netflix food documentaries as I can (I highly recommend Cowspiracy) but what is going to make all the healthy habits stick and release me from feeling overwhelmed by them?

Enter my latest aha moment… the “one habit at a time” approach. 

Habits… you know those things you find yourself doing without thinking? Usually we focus on our bad habits and try to will power them away. That usually doesn’t work for me so instead, I’m focusing only on cultivating good habits… and only one at a time. 

Ultimately, I want a healthy lifestyle to be second nature to me. I want being healthy to be effortless!!!!! I figure if I take the time to cultivate one good habit and not worry about anything else until it truly becomes a habit, I’ll be changing my entire life… one habit at a time. I don’t care if something takes me 21 days or 2 years, I bet I’ll make more progress than I have when I try to change my entire lifestyle from one day to the next. 

The first habit I’m tackling starts with drinking 24 oz. of water with juice from 1 whole lemon everyday. Lemon water helps us in so many ways (look it up) and, for me, it was one of the easiest habits I could start with since I LOVE lemons. Growing up I ate a lot of my fruits and veggies with limón y sal. I sometimes even eat whole lemons like an orange.

Pretty much, I chose the habit I had the least resistance to.

I’ve noticed that drinking lemon water has helped me reduce my cravings for coffee in the morning. Also, since I have an abundance of lemons at home for my new soon-to-be-habit, I decided to experiment with some advice I’ve been hearing from my mom since I was a kid….using lemon as deodorant! 

After preparing my lemon water, I use one of the remaining halves as my deodorant since it has just enough juice left. It dries a little sticky on my skin so then I rub some coconut oil on top. It’s been working better than my other natural deodorant (although, it’s yet to be tested during the summer). I smell amazing and feel so fuckin’ resourceful and green. 


My focus remains on the habit of drinking lemon water everyday but I love the fact that it’s also helping me remain toxin free under my arms aaaand has been motivating me to make small healthy choices. I have a feeling this will be a trend with my #onehabitaday journey. The more good habits I cultivate, the less room for the bad habits. But I’m not too focused on any of that right now. I’m just happy that I have to pee all the time now because I’m becoming a lemon water drinking machine. 

If you like this #onehabitatatime idea, I suggest you join me and start with finding that one least resistant healthy habit to adopt and keep your focus there. Notice where this one good habit takes you and the domino effect it has on other areas of your life. Once you feel like this has become something you don’t have to think about anymore, move onto to habit number 2. This is the equivalent of starting with 5 minutes of meditation and working your way up. Baby steps, baby. Let’s do thisssss. 

P.S. If you decide to join me please share in the comments below or email me. I would love for us to help each other live a healthy life one habit at a time.

Music Mantra:

Yo te quiero con limón y sal, yo te quiero tal y como estas

No se falta cambiarte nada

Translation: I love you just as you are, you don't have to change a thing.

This is especially important when making improvements in our lives. You gotta love yourself first.